A new member, with the same surname as me, has posted a pornographic picture on this site. He has also 'implied' that he is a part of my family and that he likes animals, possibly suggesting that he is something to do with Paradise Gardens.

The Saban family is a very small one both in the U.K. and worldwide. I do not know which branch of it this person comes from but both Jenny and I would like the community to know that he is not from my family, we do not know him, we do not wish to know him. He is nothing to do with us but because he shares our name, we feel that we should apologise to all those who will have beed affronted by this posting.

We are broad minded adults but there is a place for pornography and that place is not on this site.

Paul Saban

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I am so sorry this happened and was not caught faster. I was off line, in the air and did not have internet access until today. The fraud in question is banned. I will have a second administrator for this site that will help police it when I am not available.

Thanks, Olivia and Jim - I'm not a prude either, but I was the one he called a "dyke" and while I am completely heterosexual, the picture he posted almost made me swing the other way :) It was a grotesque picture (gave me nightmares!) and I'm glad he's gone. Not good for our community and if we wanted to look at porn, there are a zillion sites we could go to. Personally, that is NOT what I want to look at over my morning cup of coffee. Yuck!

Kuddos to Lee for getting rid of this jerk.
i got called one too and lots of other stuff. just a name, who cares. i'm glad he's gone. he is just a sad man, that's all there is to it, otherwise he wouldn't have casted so many stones at so many people. thanks Lee. I love your pic of him Joy. That's great.
Pedro, I'm the one he called a "dyke" and even if I was a lesbian, I'm a bit too feminine to be a "dyke". If I were gay, I would be the catcher - not the pitcher. And, no, he did not intend it as a compliment.
Jesus. Now I understand why in school the only bad comment on my report card was "talks too much". I was simply making a point that the guy who got banned was not being complimentary to anyone - only disgusting and posting porno on the site. Snap out of it, K?


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