Can I ship my car to the USA which  I purchased in Panama city. If the car has Panama specs will it be excepted legally in the country. Thanks for the help.

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Cars here don't have pollution controls.  It probably won't be allowed into the U.S.  Keith would know, and he says "No".

Cars here also may not be protected from the alcohol added to gasoline there. I know with my older bike that was designed before corn-ahol (bad with 10%, they want 15%), I have to keep gas treatment in it or I have issues. I normally treat with Seafoam monthly with weekly riding (so the gas gets turned over) and every 2 to three tanks during trips. If left unridden for more than 2 weeks i fill and treat the gas. I can't even find gas treatment here (other than octane and or line cleaner) like Stabil, Gunk, or Seafoam. Takes me back to the 70's when i first started driving.

Any car from here may have issues (in time if not protected). Thanks for listening (JMHO).

How about owning a Panamanian car and driving to US on vacation and back? I heard paperwork is required, where do you get? Thanks.

Keith's answer makes sense. I know way back, when US troops wanted to bring back a car from Europe or Japan, they had to modify the car to US specs (window glass was one item i remember) but it wouldn't be cost effective for emissions. In the 70's, you just had to pass emissions, not have the same. I don't know now, but would think so(?). I remember that the Volvo then was mechanical injection and the person who had brought one back thought it was better (more reliable) than Electronic injection on the cars sold in the states.

Remember, JMHO, not actual supported facts. :)


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