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This senseless crime is a tragedy.  All of these crimes have to stop.  Too many murders, rapes, burglaries, thefts, and the police are slow to react and never enforce.  Criminals get away too easily, so they keep doing their crimes.  There is no justice.  This woman worked at the restaurant in town and has three young children.  She screamed out but no one came from their house to help.

We need to help each other.  We need to watch each other's backs.  We need to do something because law enforcement will not.  This trend of rape and murder will continue in our idyllic little town if we let it.  What are some thoughts on how we can stop this nonsense?

Yes, neighbors heard here screams but were afraid to intervene, they called the police.


Well, I certainly hope people are not implying that my 86 year old Mother and I did nothing. This horrific crime happened just yards from my home and we did not hear a thing! 

Joanne. I rest my case. Patrick for some reason uses innuendo and unnamed sources for his allegations. If he finds it useful to announce a murder in Boquete that is his right. What is the point of using all caps in the title of the discussion? To incite unwarranted fear? When the facts of the murder are known I think it would be appropriate to have them posted.

Jeffrey- "all these crimes must stop" Good idea. Got any suggestions on how to make that happen? Maybe you have an idea on how to stop the 89/day murders in Mexico or mass killings in the USA. 

             "This trend of rape and murder will continue..." Exactly what trend are you referring to? I'm aware there are crimes committed in and around Boquete and pretty much everywhere in the world. As I stated in another discussion- where there is poverty there will crime. The more poverty, the more crime. How many murders have been committed in Boquete this year, or last year? Not many that I'm aware of. Who has the statistics? Although one is too many, Boquete is not crime-infested as some as yourself would have us believe. 

I have to agree with you Richard about what Jeffrey said.  What was that - "all these crimes have to stop"?  I am not aware that Boquete has a lot of murders.  In fact this one was particularly upsetting because it is so rare and unexpected here.

From El Siglo

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - 12:00 a.m.
The Century

The necropsy revealed that she died from several blows to the face and head


Nuris Esther Castrellón, 50, is the 22nd woman to be murdered this year.

Apparently, she was raped, since they found her half naked. The result of the autopsy determined that she died from blows to the face and head.

This femicide was in Boquete, province of Chiriqui, and occurred on Sunday morning.

It was learned that several samples were taken to be analyzed by the laboratories of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, to determine for sure if Nuris was sexually abused by her killers.

For this case, there are still no people detained. Nuris had 4 children (three boys and one girl).

Michel Gonzalez Villalba, sister-in-law of the occide, said they hope the authorities will find and punish those guilty of this crime.

"Those are criminals, they had their eyes on that girl, she worked honestly, they have no forgiveness from God, she knew how to defend herself and she was alone raising her children," said Mrs. Michel sad.

'We called the police at 4:00 in the morning and they arrived at 7:00, she asked for help -help me, help me,' said María Miranda, neighbor. He added that since the place is very dark, they were afraid to leave.

Statistics from the Ministry of Security (Minseg) show that women's crimes have been decreasing over the years, but it was not until 2014 that the law that typifies femicide began to rule.

Alma Montenegro de Fletcher, lawyer and who in 1984 was involved in the creation of the first Family Code, in addition to being against the discrimination of women, said that there has been a decrease in murders of women (referring to the cases of femicide), which shows that action is being taken at a level of prevention and dissemination of the issue of the need to control cases of violence against women.

"We must continue, insist on the reporting of these cases, attention and punishment of these cases, because if this action is not maintained, it could be reversed and the statistics could increase," said Montenegro.

He argued that women are becoming aware that they should denounce when they are victims of violence, but made it clear that there is another type of femicide such as when a woman is raped (rape), and then to resist, she is murdered.

He explained that some murders that occur are due to organized crime, when ladies move in these areas.


The cops caught a guy but his case was delayed until today:

#PGNinforma At the request of the defense, decree recess until tomorrow July 5 at 9:30 a.m. in a control hearing requested by the MP, for the murder of Nuris Castrellón in Boquete on July 1. The defense asked to read the case file and talk to the accused.

A petición de la defensa, decretan receso hasta mañana 5 de julio a las 9:30 a.m. en audiencia de control solicitada por el MP, por el homicidio de Nuris Castrellón en Boquete el 1 de julio. La defensa pidió leer la carpetilla del caso y hablar con el imputado.

Yes the crime is tragic but Boquete is not a crime hotspot as future residents might be led to believe by reading into the tone of what is sometimes written. The local police do the job they are given with the resources available. This is not the United States with a police car on every corner and two or three police cruisers arriving at the door after a phone call. Anyone looking for that sort of police presence is in the wrong place because just like most of the rest of the world its not going to happen tomorrow or anytime in the future. If an omnipresent police force is an important factor for anyone considering Boquete in their future plans this isn’t the place for you, and you will not find that outside the U.S.  

The crime occurred between 4 and 5 a.m. I was told that the police arrived at around 7 a.m.!!!!


An arrest has been made.  See:

Please note that this article stresses that the case will be handled by the relatively new (2013) specialized femicide prosecutor.      

A policeman told me that the person who called the police gave an incorrect

location; consequently,  the police had a difficult time locating the crime scene.

Street addresses would help tremendously!!

The person who called in the emergency lives there. There's no doubt that she knows where she lives and gave the correct location.

Whether the Police were confused about it or were just inactive is a different story. They didn't follow up.

The police are not permanently stationed in any pueblo for very long. They are moved from assigned areas to other assigned areas at regular intervals. That makes it impossible for anyone but a local to know where the zarzo is where the murder happened. Not being from the area and not knowing the landmarks that the locals use makes finding anywhere at night very difficult.


For the residents and visitors of Boquete Panama

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