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I wonder if the policy of reassigning police officers every 6(?) months had an impact on the confusion of locating the crime scene?  Officers often do not live in the area they are assigned to protect so the don't know the streets, or the people. Additionally, the officers must take public transportation to get to work.

Curious about the last line in the article, as well. Surely, Boquete district will not receive that much new manpower unless they are reassigned from other areas?


The head of the Chiriquí police zone, Erick Amaya, accepted that The Directorate of Professional Responsibility maintains a internal investigation to clarify the actions of the uniformed and official in front of the call for help the residents of Bajo Jaramillo, made the dawn that Nuris Esther Castrellón was murdered.

Society organizations civil society, as well as groups feminists of Chiriqui, demanded the Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the work behavior of uniformed, because they were informed of the attack before four in the morning and they arrived at the place past seven of that same morning. The claim was made during a protest walk against femicide and gender violence.

Amaya said that, together with the municipal mayor of Boquete, he is coordinating a rapprochement and information meeting with the residents of Boquete, in order to listen to your concerns.

"We are here to protect and serve, to be part of the community that needs us, "said Amaya. "On that day, the units informed us, a error of communication and location of the incident area, that is why no one arrived at the place of emergency", he added.

Amaya revealed that a reordering of the units has been carried out in Boquete, making some changes in personnel and headquarters, as well as strengthen this area with eighteen new units.

So it seems, the police went to the Wilson Bridge instead of the pedestrian zarzo where Nuris was attacked:

Se dijo por parte de un alto oficial, que la policía “confundió” el puente y fue al de los Wilson.

Shouldn't the police have had the caller's phone number and called back when they discovered they were in the wrong place? They were not that far away and could have been there in minutes.



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