A proposed new law in the works aimed to reduce tourist visa/stays to 30 days


Deputy Elias Castillo is working on a legislature to modify the tourist visa time limits to a maximum of 30 days as a tourist with the option to extend it another 60 days.

This comes amidst discontent for the large number of Colombians and Venezuelans who overstay their visas, commit criminal acts while in Panama or pretty much abuse of their status and have problems with nationals.

Although the new law is aimed at everyone entering the country as a tourist, being allowed a maximum of 30 days and having proof of paid hotel stay and income, the article mentions that some nationalities will still be allowed to stay 6 months.

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Your 10 per province is an assumption. David and the surrounding pueblos got the most there was no average.

Thanks for your thoughtful post. You raise a number of issues that had not occurred to me.

One point, though. It is not the local police who man the checkpoint, so it isn't draining Boquete police personnel.

I totally agree with you that there is poor response time and little to no investigation of most crimes after the police arrive. And I too fervently wish that more attention were paid by the transitos to drunk and reckless drivers.

Prisons and police force are two different entities.

Ventura Ceballos is the main suspect in the murder of five young people of Asian descent in La Chorrera and was detained in the pavilion number 7 of the penitentiary center La Joyita, where was taken by agents of the National Police to receive visits from his lawyer, moment seized to flee.

Prison escapes all of the time in all countries. Not a big deal. They will probably find him in another country again. Maybe they can find him and shoot him before his trial. That's the thinking now days.......

The check points have never bothered me. If someones papers are not up to date they shouldn't be driving. 

That's not the point. It's the feeling of living in a police state where you are assumed guilty and have to prove your innocence all the time. Many left the States because they felt the USA was becoming a police state but comparing the two I feel much freer and safer living in the States.

Gordon, it's not just that. On my block of 10 houses, two have been burglarized, another neighbor with several dogs and a gate put bars on his window after living there for a few decades, and two shootings with one being a home invasion occurred up the hill from me.

All after the Caldera checkpoint was put in.

So in addition to paying taxes to steal your time at the checkpoints (I counted 20 cars stacked up waiting to clear). I really would feel safer if the police resources were transferred from the checkpoint to Boquete proper, seeing that the criminals probably lived north of the checkpoint.

Completely agree. Checkpoints are more about generating revenue than to prevent crimes. When I arrived in Panama a decade ago there were very few checkpoints but over the years it has gotten way too intrusive for my tastes. One of the many reasons I left.


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