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It will be a miracle if all the work is done by then, but you really have to be here to appreciate the mess Boquete is in!

It will take years for the Boquete economy to recover from this, not to mention the tourism on which so many businesses rely. Hundreds of people have moved on largely because  the long-term destruction of the streets has made getting around unbearable. I have never witnessed a bigger public infrastructure tragedy in my 73 years. It's simply mind boggling.

On the other hand..

This reminds me of the Puente Centenario “pre-inauguration ceremony”. The then president took credit for a bridge without connecting roads to it!

only has taken apx 10 years for this bridge to be rebuilt after the flood.  The canal brings in a huge amount of money daily so why can't Boquete benefit some of it?  Oh yes we do have the highway to David but it is now getting pot holes. Hopefully we will all live long enough to see the potential Boquete could have

Getting around unbearable? Yes it is slower and it takes more time to get to your destination.

I lived in Nigeria, Spain and the Caribbean. Expat for 30 years. It will be fixed in Boquete. 

This is true, Catherine. I was in Boquete in September 1970 after the April floods. Panamonte Bridge was gone; lots of folks lost their homes, but Boquete in general was not as bad off as it is right now.

The recovery was faster than the organized improvements of this project.

A 1968 travelogue photo of the Dos Ríos hotel.  It disappeared in the 1970 flood.

And this was the view of the replacement bridge after the 2008 flood.

If memory serves, this will be 10 years ago, next month?

Does anybody really believe this?

Panamonte Bridge is 90% complete per Juan Carlos.

El pueblo is not impressed based on the comments.

I wonder if the bridge is part of the promise of completion of roadwork next month?

All in all, I'd rather be here than in northwest Florida.  The streets here are only inconvenient, not a disaster.


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