Visiting Panama in November for 6 months. I have mild gout and need to take allopurinol on a regular basis. Would this medication have to be prescribed by a doctor or might it be available as an 'over the counter' medicine at a Farmacia? I had read that some types of medication can be bought over the counter.

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You probably do not need an Rx if it is available in Panama.  But it may be more expensive than at home.  I Try and ask your Pharmacy in the UK for a "Vacation" exception to the normal refill.  Most Rx Plans will approve this for you.  

If this is not the case, then try and get your refill in PC. Note that without a Cedula, residency card, you will not get the Rx discount from pharmacies, but it doesn't hurt to ask for it.

Enjoy your stay!

Hello Ranaissima,

Thanks for your reply. My doctor here in the UK may be able to prescribe some extra Allopurinol for when I leave for Panama, but I doubt that he would prescibe enough to last for the 6 months I'll be away, so I'm trying to cover all angles. Yes, I will do my best to enjoy Panama!


Did you know that Moringa is helpful in treating gout? I grow it organically on my farm and it's available at the Tuesday market at my "Finca Feliz" table every Tuesday. Check it out. Here's a link to get you started.


I lived 13 year in Spain and gout is quite common there. They call the disease here la gota or acido urico. 

I have used Allopurinol in the past - discontinued about one year ago. For the six years of use in Panama I was able to find it over-the-counter in most pharmacies. There are two brands carried in Panama - if one pharmacy is out of stock, it can usually be found in the next closest one.

In Boquete you can ask at the pharmacy Revilla, Romero or Danka over the counter.


Thanks Lynne, James and Robert. I called into my doctor's surgery this morning and was told I could have 3 months (that's the maximum) supply to take with me to Panama. So, all things considered, that's not too bad. Additionally, from your comments it looks like I will be able to get a supply of Allopurinol from a farmacia when the Allopurinol that I will be bringing with me form England runs out. 

I buy this medicine here over the counter

What would the cost be, John. Thanks in advance.

We have 3 small farmacies here. Sometimes they run out of some stocks. However you can go to the very large farmacy Arocha at the Terronal shopping Mall in David. The bus from Boquete to David makes a stop there.

Thanks, Robert that's very helpful!


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