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Does anyone have an alternative to majicJack that they like? We are having a devil of a time renewing from here in Panama.

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Well, first of all it should be magicJack. Misspelled by me.

John, I still have a year left before I have to renew but can tell you getting anything fixed by MagicJack takes time and then some more time. we all of a sudden after being here say 3-4 months could not call certain # but those # could call us took 3 months and many hours on the help menu typing to them to get it fixed. Can yo;u not just renew for another period of time with a credit card ? this seems strange as it makes no difference where you are located to use the Magic Jack!


I have been unable to use either a US or a Panmanian Credit card. It keeps getting rejected. Will keep trying while we are up here in the states.

I've had pretty good luck solving MJ problems by using Live Help at the site.  Have you tried that?

John if you  are in the states you can must buy a new magic Jack and this time register it for at least 5 yrs. just have to get new number and will cost you only $20 more than a one yr renewal as first yr is included in purchase. My 2 cents worth !!!



I think you may be having problems renewing the old model.  They probably want you to buy the MagicJack plus.  I've done that and was able to keep the same number.  We have 4 other friends who haven't been able to renew theirs here either.  I did by getting the plus for 5 yrs. and kept my same number.  Good Luck!

Use it to talk with grandkids in the UK. LOVE IT!. Looking for something for the non-skype members in the states.

Skype, you can call any phone anyplace in the world. Skype you can have an incoming number. Skype, the reason I use it is you can set it to forward to your Panama ell phone if you wish, I do.

And Skype, if you have a smart phone you can use a skype application and call from your cellphone when wifi is available as if it was a computer. I use it on my iphone frequently.

we still have family connections in the States who use Vonage for their phone service - we have an extra number - the Vonage equipment is with us in Panama - plug into a phone and internet connection - voila - a US number and can talk to whoever as if you were calling from the States

You can call any phone anywhere in the world on Skype for like less than 3c a minute to Australia from Panama etc. etc. but of course you have to be on a computer. 

no, you can use a smart phone like an iphone and use skype via wifi 

Don't even need WiFi. It actually works with 3G


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