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I understand the system is down etc and you have to notify your home bank..but in the meantime how do we get money? And please don't say "open a  Panamanian bank account"  how do we get money today??

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Hi Doug

If you need to call your bank back in Canada I would be more than happy to help you out. I have Magicjack and you can call back to Canada free of charge and if you are hungry I can also help out in that department as well.

Doug. Drop by Amigos this afternoon. There is a wake for a fellow Canadian who passed away last week end. Besides Keith is offering short term loans to Canadians. I asked for 50k.........hope he brings his check book! It will also give you a chance to meet other Canuks. Please don't let this situation get you down, as you can see there are truly great people here in Boquete willing to give a helping hand. If you are hungry, please drop by my store and we will comp you a meal........we will never see you go hungry or without a roof over your head. It's going to be OK kiddo! We will all get through this.


Doug, we will be happy to help as well.  Please give me a list of some groceries you need and where I can bring them.

Doug, your most welcome.  Please let me know where I can bring at least some staple groceries to you.

We had the same problem yesterday. My wife went down to withdraw money at El Rey. She had my card and hers. She went to one machine, received a message that "System cannot process this transaction." She then went to the next machine, used my card, received the same message. Both amounts were for the daily maximum allowed. When we returned home, both our accounts were debited. We called our local branch in the United States. They are faxing dispute forms and tomorrow will issue "provisional credits." The branch manager said that it will then be up to the bank here to prove that the money was dispensed.

Of course, that is wonderful but does not help us in terms of withdrawing money. We do not have a local bank account.

We can use our Canadian Mastercard in the bank - $500/time. Just make sure you pay it off immediately online to avoid interest.

To my knowledge, any bank can do a cash advance over the counter.

Any Canadians needing a short term loan Can find me at Amigos later this afternoon. Send me an email first.

Thats so nice of you Keith. I will see you at Amigos this afternoon. Can you spare $50,000? I will pay you back on Tuesday!

No problem, Joanne. I can do that as long as you'll take a post-dated check for Thursday. Are you going to send Betty over as collateral?

As a suggestion, perhaps you could use Western Union to have money wired to you here?


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