Just exploring some options. Might need to get from Bajo Boquete to Enrique Malek Airport to catch a 09.34am flight to PTY. If anyone could comment some options, that would be good. Taxi cost, for example. Would buses be running from Boquete, as it probably means setting off early.

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Take a bus from Boquete to the David bus terminal. Grab a taxi to the airport.

Total time would be about 2 hours.

By Taxi from Boquete to the Airport is about $30, David.

Thanks, Keith, that sounds reasonable!

Hola David,

Go to David a day early. Shop, get a good meal, take in a movie, and get a room for the night. A taxi to the airport next morning after a good sleep to start your travels. Beginning a journey by trying to get out of Boquete is not a good idea.


Hola Jim!

I had thought of this, Jim, and it makes sense, so thanks. I'm coming across the pond on the 19th November. I got a good deal on a nice hotel room in Panama City, so will take in the sights and recover from the Hell that is jet lag and just explore the city until 1st December, when I'll take the bus from Albrook to David, then bus or taxi to Boquete. I shall be stopping in Bajo Boquete until 16th May, then return to England. Hope you and Nena are well. Some day we might meet up in Boquete!

Hello David ...... if you are interested, I can give you a ride to the airport - no strings attached - no money or anything.  I believe in trying to help people and hopefully, that will come back upon me in some way - some day.  You can PM me if you want.




Thank you so much, that is an extremely generous offer and is appreciated. I shall pm you.

Thanks, Penny!

Literally dozens of people travel from Boquete to Enrique Malek Airport every morning, David. 

David, Gran Hotel Nacional in David is great. Nice barbecue and not expensive. 

Hi Robert,

Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out on my extended visit!

Hotel Gran Nacional has a free airport shuttle. 


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