Hello all, My question is this. Will I be able to use my Chase Visa in Panama without changing banks?


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Well I see this has been discussed a lot but I want to just keep my account in the US if possiable and draw money against the US account and get money out that day?

Visa, Master Card are credit + debit are cards widely used in Panama.  Even from any US Bank.  American Express is being used but accepted only of a few merchants.



Your US Visa, and Master, Credit Cards will work here. However, your US Bank will probably charge you a "Foreign Transaction Fee", which is 1% or 2% (not sure of actual percentage) of the amount you charge.


Your Debit Card will work in any ATM here. The ATM will charge you $3.00, and my US Bank charges me $5.00 for using it in a foreign country. If you bank with a International Bank, like HSBC, you may not have any extra charges if you use the HSBC ATM here in Boquete. The HSBC info comes from our friends who have there accounts there, and aslo with HSBC in the USA.


All of the above is my personal experience, others may have a different experience.

Chase VISA and MC credit cards work here without fees beyond any your would see in the US. Unlike Citi or BA chase does not consider US dollars in Panama a foreign currency transaction.

Chase Debit cards also work with two fees, $3 from the Panama Clave network regardless of withdrawal amount. Chases will also add a Non Chase ATM fee last I looked it was $5, that might be 1% since I withdrew $500.

All right thats great news. That was my biggest worry, I can handle the fees...thats pretty normal.....Thanks..JB

Can anyone please provide me with the wire transfer address and numbers for HSBC in Boquete?


You should talk to HSBC as to how to modify this for your account


HSBC BANK USA New York USA ABA FW021001088 Swift Code: MRMDUS33 

HSBC BANK (Panamá), S.A. Bank Account:  000-14118-6 Swift: MIDLPAPA Universal ID: 415666 

Account number in Panama: XXXXXXXXX

Account name in Panama: (Account holders name) Ultimate Beneficiary address in Panama: Boquete, Panama

My US bank is not HSBC but i have a acct with HSBC of Panama. I have tried speaking with HSBC International and have gotten nowhere.

I need to deposit money in HSBC account somehow and cannot find any link on HSBC site for deposits or wire transfers.

What do you suggest?

Is the beneficiary bank info in previous posts the wire address i use?

Thanks all

HSBC will close all Panama operations by 4th quarter 2012.
seems like they will be taken over by BanVivienda

Exactly, not closing, selling out to another bank. Wait for details before panic sets in/

I`ve just used my credit card to get cash out ,as most your purcheses are in cash in Boquete...I think my BoA debit card charged me $3 to take out $500 cash....not bad

Interesting.  Now the HSBC bank will belong to a colombian bank and it will make the biggest in the region.  I only wish that they improve their service to customers. 



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