I am writing this as a warning to all looking to hire  a certain "mechanic" in Boquete.

A very good friend had given Myron Fuentes $200.00 to buy parts in Oct. Since then there are now

22 pages and 105  lies saying he was stopping by, driving to his house, had the parts, etc. As of Jan 4 

nothing is true. Just lies. Another friend had Myron fix an alternator which meant taking it out and Myron

said it needed "bushings" then he brought it back the same day charged $75.00 and everything was

exactly the same as when he took it out...He refused to make it right.

 Then another lady gave Myron $4500.00 to buy a car for her in the states. He kept the money after selling

the car and gave her nothing. This was/is all over facebook.

 This person can not be trusted. He has a shop with his dad in Boquete who agrees with whatever Myron

tells him and does not want to hear the truth. Just beware and stay away from a lot of lies, thievery and stress.

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Please post this mans exact address of his shop. It looks like its time somebody sprinkled some f....n shit on Charlies rice.

ok across from el dorado on the road where the slaughter house is.

That's an exact address? LOL

there is not an address. My friend took me there and that is how I explained it!! 

its not like 101 grand steet here! LOL


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