Blood needed O for my friend Tracy Hodges

Looking for 1 pint of blood for surgery for Tracy Hodges for surgery TOMORROW (Monday) morning.
She needs type O donated to Chiriqui Hospital ASAP.
The donor can NOT :
      have been out of the country recently, (3-6months), recently received a tatoo, 
must be between 18 & 65years old. 
For those who forget what type blood they are, check your driver's licenses.
If ANYONE you know can help w this, please go to Chiriqui Hospital first thing in the morning & let them know that you are there to donate blood for Tracy Hodges' surgery.
Thank you one & all for your help & support. If you are able to help w this, please call Mary Quish at 6975-1946/ 6413-3180 to let the Hodges' family know.

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Positive or negative?

still not sure but my daughter who is a nurse says it doesn't matter if they get O positive or negative if they are O positive, still waiting to hear.

Did you contact Boquete Hospice?  They have a list of donors.

They don't use O neg as a universal donor here, so unfortunately it does matter. Contact hospice, they should be able to help.

yes, I sent the family the number.  Thank you.

yes, thank you Judy.

Thank you to whoever donated blood, Tracy has enough she has been donated

2 pints and doesn't need anymore.


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