Does anyone know about this company? They say they provide private security for many of the large developments including Valle Escondido and Los Molinos.

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Search of sec. for Boquete shows someone by the name of Derek Pretto, no known info.
Is it a duly registered Panamanian company?

Robert, They are just "funning" with you.  Might want to check with Mark Heyer, he is on here.  I would trust what he tells you.  Abby

No Abby if you do a look up on this site you will find  the info I put in here
But is that Roger Innerman???
Ralph, are they suggesting Roger that was involved with the guy wanted in the states that was arrested?  I am thinking of Fred Osborn.  do I have the wrong last name for Roger???  If so, I jumped in to quick, thought someone was having some fun.  Abby

  No Abby,

 They are different people although Roger  was involved with Fred Osborn and Lee can give you a lot of the details.  If it is Roger then run in the other direction.

   Abby we can't all be perfect i am at the head of the line on going oops every once in awhile.

Thanks Ralph, Jumped the gun, wrong Roger... Abby
Derek Pretto is a local resident, Panamanian. He worked in law enforcement in the US. He does visit ning occasionally.
Bob, this may be Ralf Henrich.  I know Ralf, his credentials are quite strong, and that he has been working with VE (and perhaps Molinos) in their internal security work and medical response systems.  I believe he can be contacted if you call the front gate at VE - they have his contact info.  I am not sure if he has formed a company, and if so, what the name of it may be.

Don't confuse Rodger Innerman with Derek Pretto.  I know Derek and he is a super good guy, a cop for many years state side, and holds duel citizenship.





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