I am just curious, how often do crimes such as assault, home invasions and robberies happen in Boquete?

What are the best deterrents to these crimes? Does Alto Crimen have suggestions? Is it better to live in gated communities?

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numbeo.com has crime info on Boquete and other places. I have tried for a long time to find other sources. So far this is it.

For crime safety ideas, Also Crimen is a source.

I personally wouldn't live in a house that is too distant from your neighbors. I think it is asking for trouble.

You are on your own for protection. My experience with the police has been dismal.

Alto al Crimen was dissolved several months ago due to lack of public support -- financial support.  Without donations from the community at large, the organization could not continue to operate.

March of this year was the latest that I have seen reported, Bob. It happened on the way to Boquete from David. A group of ten doctors arrived at the David airport and were headed to Boquete in a large van. They stopped at the bank to cash traveler's checks and exchange currencies. On the road, a car rammed the back of the van and when the driver pulled over, the guys in the car jumped into the bus and collected $8,000 from the victims.

The cops were given a photo of the car, license plate, and a four hour interview session but I have not seen any arrest information. Even if bad guys are caught, they are too often released for some reason.

When Alto al Crimen was active, they seldom posted crime incidents. In their words,

'Reporting that a crime has taken place is a "news" function that tends to play more to morbid curiosity than to dealing with the crime problem'.

The gated communities aren't immune from crime,  but there's no doubt in my mind that they do deter crime. That said, only a few people are willing to pay the tax for the increased security you get from living in a gated community.

Fake news.

The medical missionaries were relieved of their funds after leaving Pricesmart in David. The incident had nothing whatsoever to do with Boquete, nor was Boquete even mentioned in the report.

Reply by Keith Woolford 26 minutes ago

Fake news.

The medical missionaries were relieved of their funds after leaving Pricesmart in David. The incident had nothing whatsoever to do with Boquete, nor was Boquete even mentioned in the report.

Keith Woolford

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The usual MO in these cases is that bad guys were watching the Bank and followed you around from there or tipped their accomplices.

A terrible way to say Welcome to Panama ??
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Thanks. In my years in the military, I traveled the world and found my self in places like Turkey and Thailand, amongst many others. I learned you had to be always aware of your surroundings and I’m sure it’s no different there. Hell, I live in San Antonio and I have to be aware of my surroundings here. I feel like the south and east sides of town are third world countries. My point being, we should always be aware of what’s going on around us. Common sense is the name of the game.

just curious though, how many Boquete citizens have been the victims of crime, petty or otherwise? 



Eleven? Could you kindly list them? We would all appreciate the info.

"Paranoia will destroy ya".

Boquete is a VERY safe place to live. Anywhere there is poverty, there will be crime.

Not to mention there is corruption (crime) on many levels, from police officers, many in between, and right to the top.

It's a worldwide phenomena. Get used to it. Ever heard of the Russian or Chinese mafia? Or USA electoral politics?

No way to really know. Many crimes go unreported. The locals realize the futility of this, as do I. My next door neighbor had two breakins and he didn't report it, although he knew who did both. One of the enterers was a neighbor.

BTW he was the mayor many decades ago.

This post is getting into personal attack land. I hope the moderators are paying attention. 

We we don't want Ning to devolve into the rant days.

Throwing out the "fake news" accusation is the latest rendition of calling someone/source a liar.

The sheep will bite.

Those aren’t sheep...they are fake gnus.


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