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Hi All -- Looking for anyone who has stayed at Boquete Luxury Apartments to see if they paid their deposit by using Western Union? Since I've never used Western Union I'm just not overly comfortable wiring money to someone I've never met (all accommodation deposits in the past have been done by credit card). If you don't want to post your answer publically feel free to email me at



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Great question, Dennis. As one who might just wind up there when we land, please let me know what you learn, if you learn it off the public post. Appreciate it!
P.S. Just had our second garage sale over the weekend....we're edging closer to having an empty house and being ready to go! Pictures are at a recent post at my blog:
Well between Jody's post below and the reply I received to my email it seems I have nothing to worry about. Still may see if there is a way to call in a credit card number rather than wiring money -- I'm sure Western Union will have a nice fee attached.

Robyn we're probably only going to be visiting now for the month of January -- still working on the HHGs issue so will probably have to wait till we all get back before we get a chance to meet.
we also tried to pay with credit card but he does not accept them - he told us that he did have a credit card machine but they forced him to charge his people 25%. that is a no win for anybody- When will you be living there and which apt?
We're going to be arriving in January -- not later than the 2nd or 3rd (I'm guessing buses will be running on those days from PC to David) and will be getting a one bedroom apartment. Not sure which one -- they didn't say. Guessing since you're there for three months we should be able to meet up with you and pick your brain before leaving?
well hello neighbor- we are not actually sleeping there yet as we have to finish our house sitting gig. our first night will be Wed. My husband will be riding the bus back to PC on the 2nd and returning on the 3rd - he is taking our son back to the airport - so you may want to meet up.
Well once I finally get our arrangements finalized I'll definitely post it here -- still trying to work out a bunch of issues with shipping/storing HHGs. Would love to meet up with your husband and take advantage of all the inside information he has on our travels over to David and then up to Boquete.

Talk to you soon neighbor!
We have just moved in - so we paid in cash - but really feel that David is as honest as an be- his apart. are hardly ever open and we lucked out and managed to get one for our 3 month stay.
We're having trouble getting a response to our inquiry to rent an apt for a month beginning mid February. Dennis or Jody, can you email me your contact info?

Robyn - email has been sent, but all I did was fill out the form they have on the website and I received a response in a day or two. Dennis
Check with my friend Cora at Her place is surrounded by beautiful gardens and she has 2 apartments each having a king bedroom, nice bath, full kitchen, living room with covered deck overlooking the gardens. We were there in May. Our cost was not as much as what I saw on the luxury apartments. She is an American from Florida.

Thanks for this, but I'd actually already seen this place. I actually liked it, but the rates through the Boquete Luxury Apartments were cheaper than what she has listed, but you actually have to ask for long term rates as they are not posted.

They gave us some killer rates for our two weeks. Yes, you have to ask and that is what we did. We didn't want to be downtown because of all the noise. LOTS of noise!!


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