Boquete part of the Chiriqui province... still part of the Republic of Panama

Why is it that some expats like to think of Boquete as expat territory and could care less about what goes on in the country?

Why is the expats completely disregard the current worrying state of the nation which include a decline in the national economy and acquisition power of the majority of the population, high levels of corruptions, allegations of censorship and political persecution, very high disapproval rates of the current administration, increase in crimes, increase in cost of living, problems with the school system, education, medicine, crisis in hospitals, etc?

Do expats not think all these things will trickle down into their community and affect their living?

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I don't know.  Ask Greg.  He knows everything and he doesn't drink alcohol, so I'm sure he can provide an unbiased opinion.

I don't understand the necessity of this post. Where does it come from and who is saying they don't care about the country problems? I see this as a divisive post seeking controversary.
It is a question, not intended to divide but to educate, me perhaps.
Based on expat comments I thought I'd ask

I thought you would show up Greg.  So, how did you get from my reply to your comment about entitlement and exclusion of Nationals.  It was a HUGE leap and I'm sure you would like to explain it so that everyone can understand your mindset.

Thank you
Olga, it is possible that you have no knowledge of the world. In every country that I have lived, 12 to be exact. There are little neighborhoods of similiar cultural ethnic groups. For example; little towns of the Chinese people that we call "China town". In Canada these neighborhoods are called "China town". In Europe these are called, "China town". Pretty much all over the world these are called," China towns". Except in China.
Now in China town, the residents
have thier businesses, pay taxes and cater to the local host country. But the residents speak Chinese and are microeconomic subsystems of their own culture within the host country. Boquete is Chiriqui's China town.

I have lived in several countries as well, it has to do with the attitude of some Americans who come to Ning to make it sound as if Boquete is not part of Panama

I really do not care what the other site post. I read their post, nothing of interest really, but it seems people go there to criticize Ning way too often or our views or comments, but aside from that, when we do post something of national interest on Ning, some few members do make it seem as if it's none of their business.

Olga, if you read the other, forbidden site (we dare not speak its name), you would see a lot of discussion of Panama's economy, politics, and other things having to do with Panama in general.  There is a lot of expat interest in the state of the nation.  Your broad sweeping conclusion about expats is ridiculous. 

Why is it that people like you can't help but pass judgments on others from wherever you are?

Or are you just trying to create controversy to get more post on this site?

There are "some" expats that like to avoid politics and surely there are "some" native Panamanians who like to avoid politics. That is their right. 

I am guessing that the extent a person ignores politics is positively correlated with how happy they are because politics is aggravating. And so is a discussion about what "expats" think, since nobody here has actual accurate polling data. All this discussion can be about is what people 'think' expats think and that is a waste of virtual ink.  

I agree, many just don't want to discuss politics BC it's aggravating. We're all entitled to our own opinions, and we don't have to pass them along on an open forum or at the breakfast table for them to be valid.

Olga, I have no beef with you, but I do feel the need to express my opinion that the subject and wording of your post does seem to generalize expats (without giving examples of who or what you're specifically referring to). Yes, you did say "some expats", so you probably didn't mean for it to come off this way, but it's a rather vague post... There will ALWAYS be some people that have a specific belief or mindset that we don't agree with. Not sure there's a good answer to "Why?" in this case.

Paul it is not about politics. I understand people do not want to get into it, it's low, dirty, corrupt in most places of the world.

The post is simply addressing the question as to why not care about what goes on in the country where you live.

There have been several emails, posts, comments about not caring about what goes anywhere else in Panama but Boquete, by some expats, and I mean the few disgruntled expats we have in Boquete and members of Ning.

Panama is going through issues that will trickle down to us all, living full time or part time in Boquete, and at a very minimum expats should not criticize the posts, mock them on other sites or plain out make smart comments about them. Information about where you live shall be welcomed,  more so, if a large majority of expats are not fluent in Spanish and news get easily translated wrongly and erroneous things are said.

It is simple, why a large portion or some do not care about anything but their little groups in Boquete?

Not judging, just trying to understand so that I can write posts that matter to all

Isnt there a group of gringos wanting to buy the fair grounds to try and stop the biggest social event of the year because there is to much noise?

Now that's assimilation!

I dont think most ningers have any concept of the poverty and "disenfranchisement" of the people outside Boquete or Chiriqui.


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