Broad spectrum antibiotica pillen 250 mg and antibiotica eye drops.

It is possible to buy these medicines (Bronchitis and other bacterial infections) in Boquete without a prescription at very low prices with well know brands. My wife and I found out and have been cured from bronchitis, eye and other infections. The store is 100% legal. Curious?

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Yea please advise

I'm not sure what you and your wife "found out," but I have never been able to convince the pharmacies here to sell me antibiotics without a prescription.

Well! We buy them at Melo.  20 pils in a jar Cipro brand for $ 7.90 and eye drops Vetergenta brand $ 4.90. They are for dogs, cats etc. Ask at the counter and they will take you to the locked vitrine.

It worked fine for bronchitis and eye infection for my wife and me. Look it up on the internet. We took every 12 hours 2 pils for 4-5 days. No side effects.

Wow! Good find. That's a lot cheaper than at the pharmacy. Cipro is a pretty broad spectrum antibiotic I believe, but it can be harsh on the stomach so take with food. 

We take it with our breakfast and a full glass of water. Recently I had pain under my eye near to my cheek and also at the side bone of my eye.With  Cipro the infection was gone in 4 days. I also took the eye drops as a had a red somewhat itching eye. We have 3 dogs. Dirty finger rubbing my eye might have been the cause of the infection.

One needs to be very careful in the use of this antibiotic.  Please read the literature available on the internet.  The FDA has issued a black box warning for drugs in the class of fluoroquinolones, one of which is CIPRO.  In addition to serious side effects, taking this class of drugs with other medications (which includes NSAIDS (Ibuprofin, etc,) can compound problems

Colloidal silver is generally better and much safer than antibiotics.  Antibiotics should be used as rarely as possible because bacteria develop resistance to them so that they sometimes will not work when you really need them  Also, antibiotics kill off a lot of the good bacteria in the intestines, and they are a basic first line of defense for your body's immune system.

Colloidal silver also kills viruses and fungi/yeasts, which antibiotics cannot do.  It will kill over six hundred different microorganisms.  It will work as eye drops also. 

I sell colloidal silver for very reasonable prices, but if you prefer to bring it back from a trip to the US, you can do that.  I'll be glad to send anyone who wants it a packet of informational documents by email with no obligation to buy anything.  I just want to see people understand how to have the best health.

Send your request to and use the subject, EL MATATOR.

It can also give you argyria!


Argyria is quite rare and is caused by silver salts such as silver chloride and silver sulfide which result from people making colloidal silver without knowing what they are doing and using tap water or other poor quality water.  Some people have even added salt to cause the electrolysis to occur faster, guaranteeing production of silver chloride.  

Pure distilled water and pure (99.99%) silver does not cause argyria.   See this excerpt from a longer article.

One of the biggest unwarranted fears about using supplemental silver is of Argyria, or the discoloration of skin (turning blue).  Argyria is caused when a person ingested extremely large amounts of silver salts and silver nitrates (these are silver compounds, not colloidal silver).  Colloidal silver manufactured in this way ended in the early 1970’s.  An interesting note is that while millions have taken silver supplements (they were widely used before antibiotics), no one has ever died from them and there have only been 239 verified cases of Argyria.  Even in cases of Argyria, the discoloration was the only negative effect on the health of those people.  Their general health was excellent and many reported that conditions

they had regularly experienced before were completely gone.  Colloidal silver breakthrough technology makes it possible to absorb all the benefits of medicinal silver with zero toxicity and zero threat of Argyria.

Where is your double blind clinical study evidence of this?

My wife had bronchitis and  another day intestine parasites. (tested) I had an eye infection. A friend too. All worked out fine without any side effects. 

Intestinal parasites wouldn’t be affected by cipro, those would require an anti parasitic medicine.  I carry cipro as a treatment of last resort for a bad attack of travelers diarrhea if it’s not responding to Imodium.  Cipro was also the drug of choice for SARS, a respiratory disease.  However, I'm not sure I’d use it for every bacterial infection.  Generating resistance to a potential drug of last resort isn’t a good thing.  Check with a doctor.

As an addendum to the above, argyria is as rare as any proof that colloidal silver works in vivo.  There’s adequate proof it works in vitro, but then again so do thousands of other drugs that then go on to fail in advanced clinical trials tested in mammals (in vivo).  News outlets routinely use in vitro results to announce new “breakthrough” medicines but those generally just push up stock prices before the drug fails in vivo.  Silver as a component of a wound dressing or of fabrics to destroy bacteria that cause odours are great.  I wouldn’t take it internally myself.


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