I'll be moving, permanently, to Boquete at the end of August.  I don’t know, yet, what food items that we’ve been accustomed to will be available in the Boquete area.  Does anyone know if I can carry, with me from the US, things such as – bottled spices, packaged dry grains, nutritional yeast, egg replacer, etc?

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From personal experience I have had no problems with any prepackaged sealed foods including dried beef. What you listed is all available in Panama so I am not sure it worth the effort?
You're right. It may not be worth the trouble.  I will learn where to shop in the Boquete area.  I've visited the health food store in Boquete and found the inventory very limited.  Where do you find things like egg replacer, nutritional yeast, grains like millet, quinoa and bulgar and sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.  Where do you shop?

much of that is in Super Baru in David. I know they has quinola, sunflower seeds and at time squash seeds. Since I do not buy the other items I have never noticed them but there are many vegans and vegetarians on ning I am sure they can help more than me.


You might want to do another post asking for sources of the types of foods you are looking for.

Thank you, Lee.  I haven't found the Super Baru yet.  I posted the same question with the "Green Living" group for vegetarians and vegans and didn't get an answer.  Thanks for your help :)


We put all kinds of food into our container (nothing fresh like meat, fruit, or vegetables, of course),  I have carried pounds of pepperoni and cheese in my suitcase and it never got a glance from customs. 


We were given a lot of conflicting information - you can bring food, you can't bring food.  We brought it anyway and had no problem getting it in.  You might reconsider bringing some of that however, because you can buy a lot of that stuff here.  The spices, even the U.S. brands, are even cheaper here.  I have never seen nutritional yeast or egg replacer, so those would be worth bringing.  Organica in Boquete has a lot of dry grains and other things not found elsewhere.


Super Baru in David has bulk packages of bulgar (cracked wheat) and sesame seeds.  They also have sunflower seeds.  I have seen pumpkin seeds at Organica (or buy a pumpkin and toast your own).  Organica has millet too.  Super Baru is at the corner of the Boquete-David road where it goes into the Interamerican Hwy. 

Judy, You just saved us from getting rid of some things I really wanted to bring, thank you for this post.  If you felt your movers were good ones, please post the name here.  We will use B. & B.  on that end.

Molly, I wanted to bring some seasoning as well.  As for herbs, you can grow and dry your own, as you already probably know.  Also use them fresh.  I am going to plant mine around my patio to help discourage insects.  Try mixing some of your own as you can use different amounts to get just the taste you are looking for.  I am also hoping to discover some that are unknown to me at this time.  I like judy's idea of your own pumpkin seeds, we are doing that here right now, when we can beat the raccoons to them.  Good luck with your search. By the way, herbs do really well in big pots.  I move mine into the greenhouse here, in late fall.

Abby, our mover is located in Seattle, so unless you live there, it wouldn't help you to give you the name.  On the Panama end however, I can recommend an excellent customs broker who can get your container through and sent on to Boquete.  Her name is Heidy Kam.  The last number I had for her was (507) 6614-0071 (cell) or (507) 236-0018



Judy, Thank you.  We are not near Seattle, but will talk with Heidy.  Does she arrange for the container as well ?  If she is just a broker, I would prefer someone who does it all.  Some say a seperate broker is not needed, but of course, I have no way of knowing if this is true, or if these folks just lucked out.  We will be bringing the household, so don't  want to take any chances.

She has a website also.  Here is the complete information.

Heidy A. Kam

Grupo Aduanero Kam, S.A.

Centro Bel Air No.11, Via Ricardo J. Alfaro

Panama, Panama.

Tel: (507) 236-0018

Fax: (507) 236-0017


Thanks Judy, but did you leave something off of the address? (email)
The email, as well as Heidy's cell number, is in the previous post from me.
I am sorry, that was not clear, is the the whole email address?  I tried it but it did not go through.  thanks,


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