Car cam update, I bought one, I installed one, I am using one

I took the advice of Fran Hogan and bought an inexpensive $90 car cam.


Wide Angle Car/Truck Dash DVR Cam

It was easy to install and I shot the video below before I played with time and date.

Setup instructions are in Chinglish but this might help

1. Unpack and check that all the parts are there
2. Insert battery and connect to a computer to charge the battery, starts red ends up with no light.
3. Connect to TV or other monitor to set time and date using the time button and the record button. It is a pain just like a VCR be sure to use Panama's, day/month/year option
Never remove the battery of you will need to do the time and date setup again.
4. Install window mount and power supply in car.

It works, it's cheap and I suspect if you ever need the video it will be well worth the investment.

If you do not have one of these and drive anyplace the investment will pay for itself if you ever have an accident.

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Great!  I really like mine too.

You keep listenin' to Delbert an' ya might find yersef with a bad case o' the involuntary pelvic thrusts!

heh.  luv Delbert!

It seems to have an audio feature also.  So I suppose eventually these photos will be accompanied by "Oh, shit!" right before the camera goes black.

Yeah, well, it does record me saying some 'unfriendly' things to other drivers at times!

Fran,Odd mine records those things too!!

I'm not aware of any way to prevent this car cam from recording sound.  When I view my recordings I turn the volume down so I don't have to hear all that cussing!

Lee - where did you get the camera.  We're into David tomorrow and would like to pick one up.  Many thanks.

There is a link in the post. To my knowledge they are not available in David.

If you have a ebay and paypal account, try that...Type in dash camera and a 1000 will come up. Most are in China, however, they offer free shipping to your freight forwarder in Miami...Takes about 3-4 weeks..........

Did you buy extra memory?



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