Anyone out there using one of Claro's new 4-G routers? I'm considering it, but am concerned about their monthly data limits. Comments?

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I had their 3-G version of the device that you plug into your usb port.  I was getting about half a gig of service, never any more.  All they could tell me is that the "system" is 3-G but not necessarily my service (which depends on location and load). 

Adios, can't recommend.

Claro 4G in Coronado is junk. They over subscribe and cap data rates. Prior to them capping rates I could get 2MB downstream. Now it is capped at 512MB in the wee hours of the morning when no one else is using it. During the day rates drop to around 128KB even 64KB like RIGHT NOW at 4:00pm in the afternoon. It is a fraud when they tell me the rate should be 1.2MB for 3.5G. I tell them their techies have capped my rates and they over subscribed their service but there is nothing the employees can do about it. The problem is corporate and their lack of providing the service they advertise. The good news is Cable Onda has finally wired my area so I will be switching over.

Thanks Harold

I forgot to mention that I went to the main Claro center in downtown David four times for "service".  On one of the trips, after everyone there assured me there was absolutely nothing they could do to increase the speed, I returned home to find the computer humming at 1.2 gigs (for the first time ever).  Three weeks later when I bought a recharge of minutes, the speed suddenly dropped back to 512mb.

Well there, I learned something today.  Thank you.  

Since I was getting such poor speed with Claro, I switched from the $30 per month plan to something around $12 a month.  Speed didn't change one bit.

I have both the Claro USB (which I am selling) and the new Claro wireless.  Both of these, one can pay either 15 or 40 per month.  40, being the faster speed.  I paid the 40 when I was working and never had a issue in Gamboa or Boquete. I now pay 15 per month and am able to watch ustvnow and it works when the electric is out. (as long as it is charged).  That has been my experience.


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