With the demise of Aeroperlas we may need the help of a Panamanian travel agent to arrange our transfers from Panama City to David for our upcoming trip.

Unfortunately the Air Panama website will not allow reservations to be made.

A Google search yielded a (507) 720-2848 phone number for Viajes David's Boquete Office.

Is this the # and business where acclaimed travel agent 'Anavilma' can be contacted?

What is her email address?

Any other travel agent recommendations?

Muchas gracias.


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Anavilma is the one.  vdavid@cwpanama.net

Phone number you have is correct:  507-720-2848.

I wouldn't use any other travel agent.  She's the best, and I was able to reach her by phone when I was in the U.S.  She also responds promptly to emails and was able to get me a last-minute ticket on Air Panama.

Thank you Judy.

I will keep her contact information on hand.


Hello Susan and Pat,

In the past I too had obtained Air Panama tickets on line.

However, when trying now to book for May no flight options would appear there.

Your message prompted me to think that perhaps the site will not book that far in advance.

So I tried again and, sure enough, I can book through April but not in May!

Plan to try repeatedly until May opens up.



We can't get an answer for that number nor the local cell number she gave us a while ago.


When I am flying out of the country, I take the Copa flight from David directly to Tocumen. It saves the $30 or $35 transportation between airports--$60 or $70 both ways. I only use Air Panama if I am going to the City.

I have found it best to go to Anavilma's office to make reservations rather than by phone because it sometimes takes a while to find the best alternative.  Anavilma knows how to apply any discounts you may be eligible for. It's impossible to get the pensionado discount, for example, when reserving online, but Anavilma can do it.

Yes, totally agree with you. We've usd Anavilma for 5 years now, mostly going directly to her office when we are here. But, we've had to change our return
flight date a number of times now and she's always answered promptly and gotten it done by email while we were still in the states. Great service!
Anavilma is the best... once she has all your info, you can just email dates and she will do everything by email for you...


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