Cristiano is finally on the Interpol Public list of missing persons

25 days since the disappearance of my friend Cristiano Zeviani in Chiriqui!  
Yes, 25 days and no trace of him!

Last seen in the area of El Caño de Dolega, where he went to show a property to an unknown interested party. His car was found back far away in the desolate area of Respinga in Cerro Punta without the license plate and window sticker. Not a trace of Cristiano, and the authorities keep telling us they have great leads but can't tell us anything. This has been going on now since the investigation has started.

Did you know that the then 35 year old Brit Alex Humphrey disappeared from Majagua, close to Dolega, in 2009. Last seen at the hostal of Majagua, where the little waterfall is. Not a trace of him still, either.

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Yes, its a horrible dump, don't know who would like to visit it. Pity! I had no idea about the armed robbery, thats awful! Hope the people themselves got away unhurt.

It's a dangerous place and a couple of meth or crack addicts live under the bridge.

Have no idea about the credit card. The DIJ is extremely quiet. They don't inform the mother , the girlfriend, or me.

Its like Cristiano never existed, awful!

Seriously, there is no one who has access to his bank information? Best friend or girlfriend? No online access?  All you need is to leave your password just in case of an accident.

This is quite unusual and irresponsible to begin with.  

Does his mother live in Panama?

This is so, so sad to say the least. How terrible.

Why did they take so long to notify Interpol and to make sure that his notice would go public?

How dare they treat Cristiano as if he never existed!

Hi ! Interpol was notified a week ago, because I kept sending them emails, when according to the officials they registered him missing with Interpol from day 1. Not so. Then he was registered on the Internal Interpol list like I mentioned, where the public can't see it. Now finally I got that changed.

It depends on how the Fiscalia fills out the form; "a" for public notice and "b" for internal. They filled out "b" :(

There is no news (ever) from official side,  and Cris' girlfriend and I have no idea what to do next; it's not even clear in which area to search, there are no funds for anything, Cris' Mum is sick and over 80 , living in Italy, and thats basically it. 

How can it be that nobody else in the whole world is looking for this man? Usually when a guy gets lost it's because he doesn't want to be found.

I am looking for Cristiano, and trying to give moral support to his girlfriend. I work on mobilising (trying to) and pushing the designated authorities of Panama and Chiriqui on a daily basis. This includes personal visits to both Fiscalia and DIJ several times a week.

Cristiano lives in Panama and has been living here  for years. His family lives in Italy. The family consists of his Mom and a couple of cousins he has no contact with.

His mom like I mentioned, is over 80 and has a heart condition; she can't travel. Money is short. There is a financial crisis in Italy.

The Italian Embassy says that the DIJ is handling things. 

The DIJ have been searching Dolega and Cerro Punta and are following leads according to them; although no massive action has been undertaken the way it was when the Dutch girls went missing. The Dutch girls' family traveled to Panama, stayed here, participated actively and supplied funds, rescuers and stiffer dogs. The Dutch embassy helped, the Red Cross, and Sinaproc. And plenty of volunteers.

I hooked up with the Panamanian Red Cross weeks ago and they were stand by, ready to go as soon as they would be asked for help from the designated authorities.

This being Fiscalia and DIJ. I have mentioned this every day for weeks to DIJ and they have NOT contacted the Red Cross with a request for search and rescue.

They have had SInaproc help them search Cerro Punta, so they say. Now they don't have any idea which area to search, which makes it even harder to send out Red Cross search and rescue teams.

I am from Holland originally and I am happy to know that my country in case I should ever go missing, will send help, and I have a family and a whole bunch of caring friends, that I have know or more than 25 to 30 years that won't give up and won't leave a stone unturned.

Obviously Cristiano isn't that lucky. Until know I have been spending most of my time ( dropping all else such as trying to make a living for my family) trying to mobilise DIJ , fiscalia, embassy, Interpol and the Press here in Panama.

I get rebuked for being pushy, and DIJ tells me nothing as they say they are not allowed to share anything as this could screw up the investigation. As far as I can tell, nothing is really happening.

Every day I hear the case is coming together nicely, but that they can't tell me anything, as that might screw up the investigation. Good one, that one!

Cristianos 16 year old son is very sad, as you can only imagine!

If there is an update I will post. Thanks!

Ok back to making useless phone calls now. 

It seems as if Panama has been trying to keep this disappearance a secret.

The parents of Alex complained about the way Panama handled Alex' disppearance. No information and much empty information.

The family of the two Dutch girls had similar complaints.

Now Panama is stuck with 4 foreign disappearances in the same area, in 6 years time.

Any new developments since Interpol?

Saskia, have there been any developments?

Is there any news on Cristiano?

I have been praying they find him.

Please let us know if there are any updates.


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