Fellow expats, I need your help as we are desperate now that our friend , husband, father, son Cristiano Zeviani has been missing for 17 days.

We are getting very little help at all.

Even thought the DIJ is searching and following leads, I really don't see any progress. I have received a couple of very supportive phone calls and messages from fellow Ning members, but they were very few. 

Please if you remember anything, anything at all, or see any suspicious movement, please call me at 69787500, or call the DIJ in David 775-3264.

It might help move things if DIJ would get concerned phone calls from other expats, the same way hey did when the Dutch girls went missing. 

Thank you all.

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Hi Saskia, so sorry to read that there hasn't been much progress.

Have the red cross dogs yet been pulled in? Has there been a search?

I have a couple of questions:
Are you absolutely sure that Interpol has been notified? I have not been able to find a yellow notice (=missing person record) for Cristiano.

Why are the Italian authorities keeping so silent? Have they been present at the meetings with DIJ?

Hi! So nice to hear from you , you have been a great support! Thanks for that:)

I have made contact with the main guys at Red Cross, and they expressed their complete willingness and availability to help in the search. I have told the DIJ of this and they said that they would notify and integrate Cruz Roja in their search efforts. Today Fernando of the DIJ tells me they are searching: goes where....... in Dolega by the Caño... this is where he went missing 16 days ago!!!!! I want to throw up about this much incompetence. And whats more, when I asked him if they involved the Cruz Roja he said they are searching with the Fiscalia. The is just a handful of people, mostly a little bit overweight and in no way trained for mountains and rescue. I am so sick of this I have no words for it.

A kind fellow Ning person used to be chief of rescue in a famous park, and offered his kind assistance. I mentioned this to DIJ but it seems they want the "Honor" to themselves, even if this probably means it will be a dead Cristiano they will be finding. ARGGGGHH:

The Italian embassy SUCKS just as much. I have not even been able to get them to pick up the phone, and spend an hour everyday for 8 days trying to get through. Then, frustrated I send them a wake up email with ALARM message in the header of the email. THEY REPLIED YESTERDAY: after 8 days, that they gave the search to DIJ in David and I should remain calm. Thank Jah I am not Italian...INterpol: the lawyer of Cristianos Mum said she had taken care of it and now it seems she hasn't. I can't believe it!!! She is not even worth her weight in cotton balls this woman.

We have no support, not even financial, from anybody. Embassy, family, nobody. Cristianos girlfriend depends on him financially and can't even pay the rent. 

Sorry, had to fume a bit. Thanks for being Concerned:).

Saskia, somebody asked on the other site (which we are not allowed to mention on ning) if you know the name of the client he went to see.  That would surely help.  You are being treated very badly by everybody - the embassy, the lawyer, the police.  I hope you accept the help of the ex-chief of rescue if he/she will work without the DIJ.  I've never seen such indifference.  A great effort was put into finding the Dutch girls, though it started a bit late.  What's wrong with his family, that they won't help?  This is very alarming.

Hi ! Thanks for your reply. I love replies:)

I am going NUTs waiting and worrying. This is a human being lost for 17 days; i have seen more work done for lost pets in Boquete.(

Which I think is great as I love surfaces (mother of 8)

I am not allowed to give out the name of the wealthy person who supposedly called Cris: the DIJ checked and it wasn't him anyway; it was an obvious ruse so Cris would think he had a high roller on the line. 

Today a search is being done, but by the fiscalia...I feel like screaming and yelling and kicking something. Just took it out on a table.

I would have a search party up and running if I hadn't been forbidden to interfere, they say i am muddying the waters... This feels like a horror movie. Can you imagine your life and maybe survival are in the hands of all these uncaring people. We said where to look ONE day after his disappearance and they went TODAY! With guys for the fiscalia.

Dont know what to do.

Cristianos Mum has a severe heart condition and is in bed. This shock has very deeply affected her hath and she is an old lady. She can't fly 13 hours from Italy in her condition, so the poor woman has to lie sic in bed not knowing what happened to her son.


So sorry to hear all this.

Embassies, of whatever country, suck. Useless.

It does not sound like a good idea to have an Italian lawyer filing the interpol notice (in Italy). Maybe Norma, the Panamanian lawyer can file the notice instead? Or maybe you together with Cristianos mother or his wife/girlfriend. It should be possible for any private person to file such a record at any adequate police station. (Don't know how that works in Panama.) So perhaps in David?

As long as there is no Interpol record, the Italian authorities officially don't know about the disappearance (officially!). I doubt the Italian ministery of foreign affaires is aware of Cristianos disappearance.

Thats a great point Concerned. I like that you come with practical tips:)

I will log to the DIJ later or in the morning( torrential rain just starting here in Cochea) and do what you said. Keep the good tips coming!



For what it's worth, I'm happy to try to help and give advice where possible.

Cristiano's disappearance is not known by anyone in Italy. It has not been in any paper, nor on TV, nor in internet. That's why I doubt whether the Foreign Affairs dept. even knows. (I am half Dutch, half Italian myself.)

When the parents of the Dutch girls heard about their disappearance, the very next morning they filed an Interpol notice at the police station (in Holland). From there, the Dutch mill started to grind. It was in the news, reporters started to do their work, etc. The "tangeable evidence", an official record of their disappearance, served as a basis.

And yes, the parents' major presence could not be mistaken.

Cristiano is lucky to have you as his good friend. Does he have any brothers or sisters?

I remember that poor man posting missing flyers everywhere. It was devastating to see them.

I remember the dogs later on... they made a lot of noise, nationally and internationally, offered money, which sadly helps and gets people talking and there was a lot of international press. The family should start knocking on doors internationally, and making their presence known in Boquete, it helps a lot. 

Alexander Humphrey's (UK) yellow notice is visible in the Interpol site.

He too, disappeared in the Boquete area.

However, the location of his disappearance has been left blank in the public record.

Perhaps you can make sure that Cristiano's location will not remain blank.

Saskia please send me a private whatsapp at 001-786-486-2325. 

This case is different from the girls in many ways because the girls that got lots got a lot of involvement and support from their families who brought in the dogs from their country and offered and spend lots of money. Cristiano's case for what I hear is a bit different, but what is important is not to spread false rumors.

Kidnappings are not at all common in Panama and it is very likely this is not the case with Cristiano, although I could be wrong. But I have friends in the DIP and they do not suspect kidnapping or so I have been told.

I was told the name of the person he went to see, but it is a common last name in Panama, wealthy last name for the most part. As I understand Cristiano is NOT a realtor, but was selling his own land. When you go land showing, typically you do not have cash or deeds with you, so theft was probably also not the case, they are investigating all leads.

A good suggestion is an expat organized search of the areas. He could have fallen and gotten hurt off the beaten path, there are many possibilities. The community should come together and offer a reward for information and perhaps the family can bring search parties 

Does he and his family live in Boquete?

For now they live in David, they used to live in Volcan and were hoping to move to Boquete soon.


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