Fellow expats, I need your help as we are desperate now that our friend , husband, father, son Cristiano Zeviani has been missing for 17 days.

We are getting very little help at all.

Even thought the DIJ is searching and following leads, I really don't see any progress. I have received a couple of very supportive phone calls and messages from fellow Ning members, but they were very few. 

Please if you remember anything, anything at all, or see any suspicious movement, please call me at 69787500, or call the DIJ in David 775-3264.

It might help move things if DIJ would get concerned phone calls from other expats, the same way hey did when the Dutch girls went missing. 

Thank you all.

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Olga, there is information that I am not allowed to divulge, but i can tell you nobody in law enforcement in Panama believes he had an accident. They never did after the first 2 days.

Anyway, I don't think its even important at this point. He needs to be found and thats the only thing that matters.  I need to start funding the search and get some money for the people he has left behind, but it's a bit late in the day to send sniffing dogs now. They can't smell anything after 48 hours so the head of Red Cross Panama told me. Only a cadaver dog can, and only when the person is dead. There is one in Panama, that needs to be hired privately. 

As expats we are not included in any search at this point. I came with a laid out plan and great help from expert people from the USA but the suggestion was not received with any enthusiasm, and I was asked to stay home and wait. Today the search is on, with personal from the fiscalia. After 17 days they are now searching the area were he was last seen! This seems a bit late to me to say the least. 

I will keep you updated of course. Hope to have some good news soon.

Your kindness and concern are highly appreciated.


I hope it all develops in something positive. My friend Guerra, a police officer is keeping me up to date that's why asked you to send me a private message. This way I could tell you more things that are not allowed to be disclosed.

I hope this gets noise, Interpol and international press should be involved. 

Sorry, if i sound irrelevant or cruel, but has anyone access to his banking activities?

If not, is there anyway to ask for the police to investigate this?

Some expats "just" disappear from one day to the next for sometimes serious reasons.  

I mean,every possibilities have to be explored.

Best of luck

Is there any other pictures of Cristiano to place here.  The sunglasses might make it difficult to get a clear image of him.  Lets keep praying.  So sorry for his family and friends!

Hi. There are several images without glasses of Cristiano on line, try Google Images. 

Also, his passport picture was published.

Hope that helps- for now no trace of him yet, search continues.

Just want to keep this on top. Olga please make this a featured topic so it stays at the top of the forum. That is the least that can be done!!!

Any news on this disappearance?

Don Winner used to be good at marshaling resources, cutting bureaucratic red tape, dealing with the Pana govt, and getting a critical mass of momentum going to solve these types of missing person cases/crimes but he has dropped off the face of the earth too.


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