Does anyone know of a technician for a digital piano keyboard?

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Hi, while i am not a technician...the first question would be "What is the problem".

I have a digital piano and if the problem is that some key sounds weird, it is probably because of the humidity.

Try a air dryer in the room where the piano is, of even a hair dryer on the key...usually it solves the problem.

If the issue is more complicated, i cannot help you but would appreciate that you find some real technician. 

Thanks, Stephane, for your thoughtful reply.

The problem is no sound even though there is power. I had thought that humidity might be the problem so thoroughly dried it and found no evidence of moisture damage. There is no sound at all through the internal speakers although all the keys, demos etc work perfectly through an amplifier or headphones.

A technician in David could not find the problem, but he was admittedly a low-level technician who could do only simple repairs. So I am looking for a more sophisticated technician.

Usually on Sunday  afternoons there is a professional very good keyboard player at restaurant

Baru. He has expensive equipment a.o. Bose speakers. He might know a good technician.

Thanks, Robert. As I live a couple of hours away from Boquete I wonder if I could ask you, if you happen to go there, to get contact information from him. He could email me at or call me at 6455 8629. Otherwise it sounds like it might be worth my making the trip.

Thanks so much.

My wife and I will go to Baru next Sunday. I speak Spanish and also convinced to play wade in the water of the Ramsey Lewis Trio. 

Cool. Unfortunately I cannot go this Sunday so would appreciate it if you could communicate my information to him

Another thought ... you mentioned he has Bose speakers. Are they connected directly to the keyboard or through an amp? I have been unable to find an amp for keyboard in David ... they are all for guitar so the sound is not the quality of the original internal speakers of my Korg SP250 which was so good

Sorry we had to fix some electrical matters at our home yesterday.

He has 2 Bose bass speakers and the tall column  Bose speaker with it's amplifier. 

Sorry for the delayed response. My notification got buried in Spam!

Also sorry to be so dense. Do the speakers have to be connected through an amp?


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