It has been long coming. Appxoximately 300 venezuelas are being denied entry to Panama given their practice to do border runa for three days and get their 180 day stamps.

Immigration made an announcement that border hoppers will not be allowed re entry. So far this has affected venezuelans but they are enforcing it and you do not want to be caught in the middle. If you are coming up in your 180 days, take a plane and go somewhere or speak to a lawyer first to be on the safe aide

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There has to be a way that we can find out.

This is Panama, critical information like this takes time to disseminate.  I emailed the immigration attorney that I used years ago and she stated that it's all chaos at Tumba Muerto.

Is Tumba Muerto the Migration office?  Can the attorney tell you how long a person has to stay out of Panama before reentering, or have they decided that yet?

Yes, Tumba Muerto is the immigration building in Panama City.  I'm waiting to hear back from my attorney and when I do I'll post the time duration here on Ning.

Its so absolutely absurd that they can pull this b.s. from one day to the next.........It is symptomatic of a very poor caliber of government.....They have soooo many other problems right now, mainly due to corruption within their own ranks and the fallout form Mossack/Fonseca and Waked that they must have chose this as a worthy distraction for the nationalistic foreign hating public......There are a lot of peanut brained close minded people in this country.....Its a pity that some of them are in the highest ranks of govt.......And of course the main question goes unanswered:  How long until we can come back? Me personally I will be coming back only to wrap everything up, tie up loose ends and find homes for dogs and cats and move on to a more intelligent and cleaner and safer and better managed country.........Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay come to mind............No reason to pay extortionary prices for residency here...........I did it some years ago in Hawaii for my Swiss ex wife in two weeks for $200......There is shameless greed here in Panama.........I suggest leaving them to their own devices...........Watch how quick the bubble can deflate.........

That´s exactly what I have been writing here in my earlier posts and today as well. I really have a problem for pulling this up from one day to the next. I feel very sorry for the poor folks who are caught and unprepared now. Distraction might work out in the short term, for Panama a shot in the leg.

Well said. Panama uses lawyers for the process. The neighboring expat destinations do not. Residency in Mexico or Colombia is less than 3 weeks with a fraction of red tape and cost. I expect my property values to get hammered as well the locals. Maybe they will back off. but with abogados in the mix, who knows.

Floyd can you please write more about it? I am interested to get some more news because from what I learned was that Panama has this process the easiest of those mentioned. If you have other information or any source I can have a look I would appreciate it very much for Mexico and Colombia. Thanks a lot.

So what happens to a multiple property owner who has employees, pets, etc and has now decided he does not wish to reside in Panama and wishes to sell up?

Some of the posts suggest that you will not be allowed in at Tocumen.....if so, then that is deranged.

Immigration policy needs to be nuanced; the range of visitors is vast - to apply a ´sledgehammer approach´ to all is absurd and counterproductive.

@Hercules place that I know to find this information is scroll down and pick your country and then jump in..........I can tell you right off the bat that Colombia is a great place to visit but probably a poor choice to live for so many wide taxation for example.......tedious corrupt bureaucracy for another..........Ecuador is easier and more innocent......both more charming and civilized than here........

My understanding of Ecuador is you can only stay 90days in a one year time span though

Yes that is absolutely correct. Some people give advice that is many years old and not correct. This is how confusion will rise and people need to filter out a lot of stuff before it can be taken as granted. I would consider Costa Rica and Nicaragua unless they also want to shut down the border hopping...


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