It has been long coming. Appxoximately 300 venezuelas are being denied entry to Panama given their practice to do border runa for three days and get their 180 day stamps.

Immigration made an announcement that border hoppers will not be allowed re entry. So far this has affected venezuelans but they are enforcing it and you do not want to be caught in the middle. If you are coming up in your 180 days, take a plane and go somewhere or speak to a lawyer first to be on the safe aide

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Here is a suggestion because nobody knows nada including all abo's in this country.

Sneak into the country and demand a path to citizenship as well as benefits for health, food, housing and disability.

Head North.

I feel for the people caught in this but this is how it works in the 3rd world.

You do not need to have formal residency to own properties here or hire
If they prevent such individuals from entering the country...that, imo, would be rather dumb.

I crossed to costa rica just under my expiry I was talking to people crossing from costa rica to panama every 90 days and a couple people working at immigration. There is more tension going that way as well and officials are less likely to grant 90 days if your flight is before then and are generally just granting stays a few days past the exit ticket unless you can sweet talk them. One large factor I was told was the issue that people were routinely crossing early and it was too difficult to manage the numbers of people doing so, if they exit early and try to cross early they are supposed to be escorted back to the other side and have the exit stamp voided. This is still being done by large number of people from the cost rica side and I feel they are pretty much sealing their own fate, the fact is it is/was a very lax and generous ageement yet people still seem the need to get a little more no matter how generous something is. It is too bad people can't just follow the regulations and appreciate what they are granted

Could you clarify that Ged, about large numbers of people still doing it from the Costa Rican side......Exactly what do you mean by exiting early and returning early and being escorted back to the other side? You lost me..........

People from costa rica are still allowed to do a 72 hour border crossing every 90 days but many are going back to the border and getting stamps earlier than 72 hours crossing in a day or 2 and and sometimes only waiting hours, and what the officials are supposed to do if someone exits early and tries to get an entrance stamp early is escort the person back to the other immigration and have them void the exit stamp and make them stay the required time.


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