It has been long coming. Appxoximately 300 venezuelas are being denied entry to Panama given their practice to do border runa for three days and get their 180 day stamps.

Immigration made an announcement that border hoppers will not be allowed re entry. So far this has affected venezuelans but they are enforcing it and you do not want to be caught in the middle. If you are coming up in your 180 days, take a plane and go somewhere or speak to a lawyer first to be on the safe aide

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Exactly! He is just an angry guy who is not happy with his life here and has a need to overturn every word you have to say and try to make you feel bad. If he would just be a little bit more smart with the ability to imagine him being in your situatioon and all would go well. You came here to share your experience at the border and here is what you get. A full attack from your fellow canadian or american? Who cares a gringo that is and those should stick together here.

It is amazing how short our memories are. Everyone seems to feel safe and secure because they have visas. All the paperwork in the world means nothing if a country chooses to change its laws. Look
At what is going on in the USA as we speak. Just a few weeks ago large corporations were telling their legal foreign employees not to leave the country because they might not be allowed to return. What is going on in Panama right now is mostly to benefit lawyers. It won't stop people from Central America from coming to Panama to work illegally. They just walk across the border and hop a bus. There are no guarantees in life especially when politics and greed are involved.

Oh come on mate! What the ***k are you talking about?! What hostility? I didn´t see any of this not even a damn hint from Ged. Ofcourse he is frustrated with this situation because this kind of shit should be put straight a long time before it ever gets in to effect! So if you try to excuse Panama as being legal and trying to be fair or whatever bullshit you try to say then they should do it in a way the other countries who are regulated and strict do it and that is well in advance so people don´t get stuck here like Ged and me and others as well. Changin laws and rules in a day without notice is not just unprofessional but plain stupid and unacceptable. There will be hundreds of people stranded because of this non sense. It was not illegal to do a border hop. This was ongoing for at least 10 years since I know people here and never a problem. It pisses me off when people like you and Olga and others who have made it here easy (marry a panamanian wife or whatever yeah right very easy!) think of border hopers to be outright criminals hiding from their home country or whatever. You probably never heared about perpetual tourists, digital nomads and free people who like to be free and not bound to a place or their home country?! I can assure you that at least 90% of border hoppers are non criminals and ordinary people who just like to travel and spend their life where they feel currently happy. I understand that Panama has the right to do this now, but as I said these chages can´t happen from one day to the next day. That is too serious and MUST be made clear at least 180 days upfront so people can plan their life and not deal with shit like now. Please also notice a difference between venezuelans, africans and other illegal immigrants and workers and canadians or americans or europeans who spend their money here. I can tell you one thing, that as before this will stick only for a maximum a month and they will quickly realise that this is not the right way to deal with the problem. Panama has much to loose and they will have to adopt the american way and that is unfortunately discriminate and filter out people who really take jobs here illegaly and don´t let those in and keep all the others who spend their money here and give work to panamanians (at home or in the garden or in the kitchen). You must be an old guy I assume who just can´t stand that others are free and not like you. Sorry but I can´t agree with you on this. It insults me if you write like that about border hoppers! I am waiting when there will be more of us who will load their anger and throw it at you. Ged I fully understand you and keep my fingers crossed. Good luck.

It isn't like they suddenly passed a new law, it's been on the books for quite a while. They just decided to start actually enforcing it. People had years of notice that it was illegal to make regular border crossings.

Just because a policeman doesn't pull you over for speeding, doesn't mean there isn't a speed limit, and just because one chooses not to enforce it, doesn't mean someone else won't or that the same individual won't enforce it in the future.

Can you quote the law where this is illegal? Discretionary maybe.

Its not just Venezuelans.....Its everybody......and its being enforced at all borders in Panama right now.......The party is over..........The Panamanista Party is famous for this kind of thing having been known to be anti extranjero since their inception........They turned back an Englishman at Tocumen today and it just came to our attention......Hes a property owner, has employees, dogs, other animals, matter.......cant come back in now........what I dont know and maybe they dont know either is how long will we all have to stay out before we can come back in?  Bad for business...........for sure....

Thanks for understanding that this should have been made very clear some time in advance like in all other better countries in the world and not to be told at the airport or at the border from one day to the other and ***k up someones life like the poor guy at the airport. That is crazy and totally idiotic amateur way of dealing with a serious thing. Laws are made and put in to effect usually the first in the month and announced well in advance! But Panama is like a real banana republic as I see when it comes to immigration stuff, oh well not just that as we all know. Those smartasses should take care of the panama papers scandal in the first place and not to bother ordinary good people who contribute to Panama by not letting them back in. Enough said.

It could be argued that "good" people don't break the law, and since this has been a law for several years, they shouldn't have to suddenly reannounce a law from several years ago. Lack of knowledge about a law does not make that law go away.

He bought here without residency? How smart is that? He can visit once a year now or sell to a Panamanian family. Laws aren't made for extranjeros here---they are made for the Panamanians and those having residency or gaining Panamanian Citizenship.. Panama finally got smart and realized if they want to stop the foreign laborers from stealing jobs meant for Panamanians THEY COULD NOT CHERRY PICK NATIONALITIES. And, believe it or not some Europeans, Americans, and Canadians steal work here illegally also. I have personally watch "gringos" steal work but would never turn them in to authorities. Not my job!

Yes, I feel bad for those that might have to move and not have the money on hand to do this. And, it might be hard to find a country with laxed immigration such as Panama had in the past.

I was one of the lucky ones-----I didn't want to get the Pensionado or Ecedula within the six month period here as a tourist. Yes, I border hopped two year making SURE this is what  I wanted. I now have a Pensionado and Ecedula. I wasn't dodging anything waiting two years. As a matter of fact I brought the FBI back ground check with me. I held off and let it expire and had to start over.

Yes, Panama will lose a lot of dollars on the extranjeros that have to make the exit and those leaving will suffer more.

I was told long ago, if you live in a second or third world country expect the Unexpected at anytime.

All the perpetual tourist have to do is; 1. pay the $50 a month fine when they leave or 2. If caught over staying a visa be deported and stand the chance of being jailed until you can get means to leave the country if you don't have the means. 3. hire a panamanian attorney to lobby for you---it is against the law for a gringo to protest here.

Hil, I understand you did the two year route. I was wondering if you could clarify the rule about not being out more than 30 days. Is that per year? Or no more than 30 days at a time?

I am wondering about getting a 30 day extension  is this possible? If so what is the process? I just need a little time to change plans


You can not be out more than 30 days for the two year period and they do check electronically.  I know of someone who was denied a visa who was out more than 30 days during the two year period.


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