We have been going to a doctor located up from Romero store. The price was $10. ,then it went to $12. ,and yesterday  it was $20. Is this the new price or am I just special ? Thanks

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Why didn't you ask the doctor??

I would have , but my wife had paid the bill whilst I was getting a shot. I didn't know until later. And yes the shot was additional. 

I was there this week and was charged $32 for a $20 shot and a $12 office visit.

I think I will have to treat the good Doctor like the vegetable stand, and find out how much up front. Thanks. Buyer beware, as the saying goes. 

They charged my friend $20 a couple weeks ago too.  Is it hubris?  Or do they pick and choose who looks like they can afford it and who can't?  Maybe we should confront?  When I first went there a few years back it was $5, then a couple years on it was $10, then this year it has been $12.  It was $12 for me about three months ago.  I'm not going there for $20.  They're not the only game in town.

Possibly seperate the other charges and you will find $12 office visits. We did two this past week, $12 each time.

Medical treatment is not a game.

I telephoned the clinic and confirmed that the charge is still $12 for an office visit. If it was more, they said, it was because the patient got something more than the office consultation. People should check the facts before posting something like this which could be harmful to a business.

I was there last week for a office consultation and paid $15

Were you eligible for the jubilant discount, and did you ask for it? This would make a difference for many people.

I think $12.00 would be a fair price for Boquete. If you are just going in for only an injection i would say to high a price. The ER visits at Hospital Chiriqui have gone up a little too. $12 bucks is nothing compared to what the price would be in the states. If someone is watching there $, you can always go to the social security Hospital. I have went there for teeth cleaning for less then $5.00 and one day for stitches and it was cheap.

The injections themselves, i.e., the medicine in the injections, will have varying costs depending on what they are.

There are many, myself included, who feel that expats should not take advantage of the already overtaxed and underfunded Panamanian health system. If you can't afford your own medical care, you did not plan sufficiently before relocating.


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