We have been going to a doctor located up from Romero store. The price was $10. ,then it went to $12. ,and yesterday  it was $20. Is this the new price or am I just special ? Thanks

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The reason for my last visit was exactly the same as the previous visit. That is the reason I asked if there is an increase in the cost. I do not like to be overcharged for any reason. It diminishes my respect for the doctor and his office. Overcharging is hard to plan for and it should not be part of the equation.
Thanks everyone for the information and interest.

Just a question how much would it cost back home for the visit and shot?

"Nothing" here in Canada (well, "nothing directly out of your pocket" anyway).

But I have to agree with Mike and others - $10, or $20 is "nothing" compared to almost anywhere else...

$10, $12, or $20. I don't know how you could rationalize any of those fees as overcharging. Quit whining and stop disrespecting doctors who are trying to keep you healthy for a very small fee.

What does it say on the receipt you got when you paid?

I always pay for my own injections and bring them with me or pay for them at the hospital. As far as using the governments system. I have only used it for emergencies over 10 years ago in Boquete when there was no other medical help available. As far as planning my relocation Amanda i probably have better medical coverage then you do. 

I doubt it. I have maximum coverage both here and in the States.

If you always pay your own way, what does this mean: "If someone is watching [their] $, you can always go to the social security Hospital. I have [gone] there for teeth cleaning for less then $5.00 and one day for stitches and it was cheap."

The weekends days cost more.

Everything is going up in price. My favorite coffee house just increased the price of a cup from $1 to $1.50.

Dr. Chen's office has been here a lot longer than ten years.

Having worked in the medical field in the U.S. I'm shocked that any one would complain about the prices here.  And, I'm with you Amanda, using the jubilado discount makes me feel guilty.  Also, my doctor charges ZERO if I Whatsapp her and ask for an X-Ray order, and has it ready when I run by and pick it up.  (I'm going through a torn Achilles, need occasional x-rays as I progress).  Try getting that  in the U.S.  Frankly, I wish the doctora would have a charity jar I could donate to for everything she does for no charge, I'd gladly add money to help a local who can't afford even the $12.

August 11th, when you went to the clinic, is a Saturday, when prices are higher. Also, if you do not have jubilado status, the price will be higher. The $12 is for jubilados on weekdays.


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