Does anyone know if the recycling center will be open on Friday?

Does anyone know if the recycling center will be open on Friday?

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We dropped stuff off in Tuesday & she told us they are moving to another location & will no longer be open at the old starting Friday. The new location will be somewhere by the Sandwich shop by that church on the same road. I do not know exactly which place but it's around there somewhere.

This post is not mine_ i simply copy and pasted it here to share the latest on where it moved to....In another run to the [current, soon to be relocated] recycling facility here in Boquete yesterday afternoon, we learned from the lady who manages the facility that it is relocating to a building that is located next door to the Boquete Bible Fellowship Church. We stopped by to see the current status of that building. For those who do not know where this site is, go down the side street next to Restaurante La Karreta (which is across the main street from Biblioteca de Boquete).

Here is a picture of the building. To the right of the bushes shown in this picture appears to be a yard space that is fenced in and likely to be used as the receiving area. The wall of the building on the left side of the picture is the BBF church building.


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