Last Sunday I had a person install 2 Rokus. Since that time, I have had considerable trouble with my computers not hooking up to the internet. This is becoming a real problem.

Here is the way my system looks on my "internet access" in this order:




Is this the proper way to do this? Am I getting some kind of conflict. How does Roku hook up direct?

Anybody got ideas or solutions?

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The Rokus should be connected directly by data cable or Wi-Fi to your Router. Better call your installer, Glen.

Keith, my installer was back and assumed my problem is my personal netbook. Maybe I need a different guy, one who has installed Rokus the proper way and will provide the proper cabling. Do you know one?

We lost our Puerto Rico TV. Delgado was our supplier. There is another lady provider that does the same thing and she says her service will go away in less than 2 months.

Me again. One of the Rokus is about 25 feet from the Router.

When you say Wi-Fi do you mean wireless? They are wireless now.

You may be correct about the Router. But the problems started at the same day and time of Roku installation. Router is 1 year old but---. Are the Rokus supposed to show up as shown in my first discussion above? That is the way they are shown in my network connections.

Johnny, the router is direct wired to Cable Onda. Rokus are wired direct to TV's. They receive their signal from Router, I guess. I am confused by the way the Rokus show up in my "wireless network connection" list.

We recently installed a Roku and don't have an Internet problem. Juan Arauz did our installation.

He installed my Roku.

When you initially set up your router did you specifically set the maximum number of connections low and are maxed out when you added the Roku's?

Was not in the same room with Juan most of the time.  I also did not set up my router so I know nothing.

If you paid Juan to install it, that payment should cover his return to get it right. He has returned to "fine tune" stuff for us at no charge.

Are you using a VPN?  I tried installing a free VPN a few weeks ago after buying an Apple TV device.  It caused all kinds of problems with my router and computers.  Connections would drop after 4-5 minutes and downloads were impossible.  It took me a whole day to get it all uninstalled and reset the router to get our computers working again.  Perhaps Juan installed a VPN to be used with the Rokus if you were not previously using one.  It's at least worth checking into.


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