Does the world have enough oil to meet our future needs?

I believe our generation is one of the last to enjoy the freedoms of oil based transportation worldwide. Sure electric cars can be refined but what about electric commercial aircraft, cargo ships, fighter jets and alike?

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Don't fret you won't be around.

There is plenty of oil to last millennia.

Drill baby drill.

How do you charge a battery for a car? With fossil fuels.

What do we do with all those dead batteries?

I wouldn’t get on a battery powered jet.

Correction: Frack baby frack.

Then run for your life as the earth starts collapsing under your home...

A Swiss guy (Piccard) circled the earth using a solar-powered plane recently.

That's a good start. Look at the evolution from horse to car in the past 100 years. Do you think your g-g-gp would have believed you if you talked to him about a 200 mph car?

Batteries are recyclable.

Never say Never!

I hope you get on a battery powered plane.

Green energy is a nice supplement but doesnt work in the peak usage times.

Frack, drill and pillage the resources of the earth!!!!

Oil sands of Canada?

Baby seal oil?

Seems like a trend.

Why not? 20 years ago you would have called anyone who told you of a palm-size computer a fool...

We (QC) have 100% renewable energy and even export quite a bit to NY...

At least no fracking in Canada - no man-made earthquakes...Oil sands are paying for the transition to renewable- that costs a lot of money!

Baby seal Oil- picking up on Paddy's silly line? I thought you could do better than that....:-)

We aren't running out of oil.  Some idiot politicians want to ban drilling for it, but there's no shortage.  The "Peak Oil" theory has been discredited numerous times.

As was nuclear fusion, quantum mechanics, alternating current and the prize at the bottom of a "Cracker Jacks" box. Whats your point? Do you actually think we can keep extracting fossil fuels from our planet without recompense? I don't even think Exxon has that fatalistic view. The technologies are here, as we speak, it is about profit and what we leave behind when the profits are taken. There are a multitude of alternative technologies that make sense and when the bottom line is satisfied they will prevail. One of our Central American neighbors, Dr Franklin Chang, is doing just that in turning our garbage to plasma energy.

I will believe in renewable energy when it covers energy needs 24/7.

Now that dry season is here we will see rolling black outs because all of Panamas eggs are in hydro-electric and the rivers are low.

The new dam is almost completed and yet a few malcontents complain and everybody else suffers.

The wind farm near Penonome provides how many kw?

Here in Bqt the gusts are too strong for wind power. It would be great right now if we could harness the force.

Nuclear power is the way to go.

Nuclear power in an earthquake zone like Boquete? - Here is a novel way for population control!

Most developed and developing countries are shifting away from nuclear power in droves and for valid reasons. Ask Russia and Japan...

I'm not surprised that Trump wants to go Nuclear (that's what you just read in the News this morning, right?) AND fossil fuel. But worry not - it will just delay U.S. progress as a responsible global citizen by about four years (until the sane Americans have had enough of this ____-head) 

However, I saw a documentary on TV where some scientist in the states has built a "mini-reactor" in his garage that uses nuclear waste and can power up to 20,000 homes (he claims). Once the uranium is completely depleted, the underground reactor becomes the final resting place of the by then very little radioactive source (it is designed that way). That makes a lot of sense .But I doubt that Trump meant this type of Reactor.

Q: What do you think is the maximum allowable wind speed for a wind turbine? 

A: Depending on the design, It is in the range of 40 m/s (144 km/h, 89 MPH) to 72 m/s (259 km/h, 161 MPH).

Shooting from the hip again, El Gato?

Actually El Gato, the Penonome wind farm supplies 337 mega watts of power which is about 10% of Panamas consumption. This comes at a cost of roughly half what it costs to build hydroelectric while the land used is multi-use, i.e., cattle farming, sugar cane, etc. The cost of wind installation and maintenance is roughly $60/MW while nuclear is $138/MW. If you put a string of these (55MW each) down the canyons from Boquete you could generate all of the power for Chiriqui with only a minimal impact on the land and peoples property.

I am glad to learn the wind farm can produce 10% of the countries needs.

What happens when they aren't turning?

My last trip to el Capital was the first time I saw all of them working. In July and August not one was moving. Most trips only a few were turning.

If we put them down the canyon of Boquete can we put flashing lights and billboards on them? Maybe run them under the cable car to the top of Baru?

I still like the idea of a huge hydro dam at the puente Wilson and turn the valley into a recreation area. The wind surfing would be great!

One day when I have nothing to do I will look up the spec's on wind turbines.

Still waiting for Godzilla and Mothra to emerge from Fukushima bay. ;-)

It's time to "go with the times" and be a bit progressive, El Gato Conservador

If it were for you and your "soulmates" we'd still be celebrating casual Friday like this:


For the residents and visitors of Boquete Panama.RT

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