Jeff Larvick
Good news for obtaining a drivers license. If you need to take the written exam to get your license, the test from Sertracen is now available in English. The test is a random selection of 10 out of about 135 questions. You must answer at least 7 correct. Unfortunately, the study materials are not in English. However, I have translated the 135 questions into English for anyone that would like them. Just ask.
Normally you only have to take the written exam if your current foreign license is expired or not available. Studying these questions should educate you enough to pass the written test.
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What a nice thing for you to do, translating the test!  I'm sure that will benefit a lot of people. 

Para sevirle. It may be worth it to study the questions & answers even if you have a Panamanian license. Being a better informed driver here is one way of maintaining your health.

What a gracious gesture, Jeff. I sure a lot of folks thank you.

Jeff, great of you to pass this information along. AND to translate. When my son did this a few years ago, we had to pay someone over $200 to translate it.

Thank you. I think Matthew 6:19-20 and Galatians 6:10 apply here. You may like them as well.

Jeff, I am new to the are and will need a Panamanian license in the near future.  My U.S. license is current, so I don’t think I need to take a written exam.  However, I would really like to become familiar with Panamanian driving regulations.  I would definitely like to take advantage of your generosity and get the questions in English.  Could you email them to me at  Thank you so much for helping out non-Spanish speakers with this issue.

I have heard that you can not do the test in English so Translated or not translated if you do not speak spanish its impossible to get your driving lisence here.

I translated them myself last year (questions and answers)  trying to help a French friend of mine who only spoke English and French and she had to go US to get her driving license and get it to be available in here.

No translators, interpreters or any source of help is admited by the certrasen at the time of having the test. 

Unfortunately the test is not available in English.

Kathleen. I myself took the test in English several weeks ago. I already had a Panamanian license but had to upgrade it for commercial vehicles. Also, my friend took 1 month ago in Spanish and failed. He was able to retake it 3 weeks later just as Sertracen completed the translation into English and he passed. If you want to very this, please contact Luisa at Sertracen. She is very helpful
Furthermore, I scored 8 out of 10 correct. I showed Sertracen that one my “incorrect answers” was in fact correct. Their answer to that question was incorrect. The other incorrect answer of mine was a question that was confusing and not on the list of questions I found. I believe their translator did a poor job of translating the intent of their question from Spanish into English. Make no mistake. The test is available in English. I suggest that before you extrapalate your experience from some time ago to be a current fact in the face of my recent post, that you pause and verify your post first. You have created doubt and uncertainity that is not warranted.

Well in that case, "finally", thanks God they got to translated it. Its very hard to do a test in another language you don't really cope with. I had talked to the manager of certrasen in that moment that as I comented, was last year. Thanks for the update though. Didn't mean to create doubt, was only sharing my experience.


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