Are there any employment opportunities for a young gringo in his 20's?

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There sure are!!!  There is a shortage of gringos here and they are in high demand.  Contact Don Winner at and he will help you out. 


The phrase you're searching for may be:

It's like watching a train wreck. You know you shouldn't but you just can't help yourself.

If your vision is decent, you can read at a fourth-grade level and you have not been convicted of a serious felony, then you might want to consider enlisting in the US Armed Forces.

Otherwise, forget it Junior.

Oh Mr. Goodbye,

Please don't give the boy a bum steer!  You know there are tons of high paying gringo jobs in Panama with the canal expansion project and the dire need for English teachers and everything.   You just want to bogart them all for yourself!!   You greedy lout!!   Mr. Chase:  Don't listen to these naysayers.  They just want to keep all the gravy for themselves.  How soon can you get down here!?  There is a dude here we call Tío Don (Uncle Don) who has literally dedicated his life to helping young gringos like you find jobs in Panama.  He is very well respected for these efforts.  He even has his own website --Panama Guide. It is to guide newcomers like you to find jobs.  Send him an email at the address I already gave you above ( and he will hook you up with something. Welcome to Panama!

What good advice are you giving.  I am laughing only by thinking all the nice words Don Winner will write to this guy.  You are so mean by sending this guy to ask Winner for a job. 


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