Ex President Martinelli's extradition case is in danger

If you are following the case against Ex President Martinelli and his possible extradition  to Panama then you must know that the case may be dropped because of an affidavit introduced by the Department of Foreign Affairs in USA


Apparently there was an affidavit by Mr. Pitti that was introduced in January, after Panama's  request to the US to extradite Martinelli and without knowledge or consent of the prosecutor in Panama and Martinelli's lawyer, as such, they are asking to strike out this affidavit but further they are using this as one more proof of political persecution.

The judge had said he will give his response by this week, which ends today, this is a long weekend in the US and lots of lawyers for Martinelli both from Panama and the US are on pins and needles and have filed numerous motions... should be an interesting outcome

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La Critica is a rag

No one prefers it...it's just expected. "legal" implications are just polical games for advancement of someone's agenda...not justice. 

Agreed Jim. It's politically motivated - someone has something to gain by this.

In a democracy, when someone is elected president, it is because they have promised to dedicate themselves totally to the best interests of the country. To suggest that if they do a good job they are entitled to engage in scandalous and corrupt behavior is a total perversion of the concept of public service. Hundreds of wrongs do not make a right.

You can't believe everything that you read. Criminals don't usually hide out in the US.

This started off on the home page .appropriate enough, and somehow evolved into the RANT criteria. Some just can't help being offensive

Unfortunately Louis, civility towards others seems to be an unfamiliar concept for some who prefer to launch personal attacks on those with whom they disagree.
I don't see you complaining about GMB's "Happy Canada Day" rant on the main page.
Aren't you being a little partial, Louis?

Walter is such a poet:

Instead of just repeating my statement about facts (i.e. your "facts" vs. mine) and my private message to you (which was and still is justified because you continue to use Kelvin's artwork like a real childish a-hole) why don't you just for once write something of substance?
But please, no quotes from the Enquirer, Breitbart or crazy Alex!


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