Sooner or later he will return to Panama. The courts will decide his fate not Expats.

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Appeal and Asylum won't fly in the USA.

Not sure Martinelli will get justice with all the corrupt judges in Panama with their hands out for his millions. If Anna Matilde Gómez is successful in her run for President I
Will be more confident justice will prevail.

Exactly what is he charged with

click on the red link and read the entire article.

The first of many charges is that he took millions of dollars of government funds to buy exotic evesdropping equipment. He is accused of then using the equipment to spy on opponents and enemies in their bedrooms and elsewhere. Dozens of public officials will have their attorneys ready to greet him on his return. However, in the meantime you can expect him to find religion, develop serious health problems and spread money from his jet all over Panama.

Terrible deeds. Obama would never have done such a thing as Martinelli is accused of.

Simply a double standard of justice in the eyes of many liberals

Agree or put on the rant

This was posted for Information Only.

It was NOT POSTED for Expats or people living in another country or in this country to post hypothetical nonesense. You can take your Politics to the Rant.


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