We're brand new to this forum. My husband and I are interested in moving to Boquete.

I wanted to know if Boquete has access, or even David to vitamin supplements?

I've done a lot of research online to see if I can find any answers and am mostly hearing that

you can't really have supplements shipped from the U.S. and what is available is typically

network marketing supplements such as with Herbalife or Amway, etc.

Also, can anyone tell me if there are any groceries/stores in Boquete that sell Gluten

free foods?

Thanks so much I look forward to learning more.

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Hi there. David has a Vitamin Store which carries a variety of supplements. Rey grocery in David also has a decent selection. I order mine through Amazon or I bring a supply back when I visit the US.

Hi Kathleen, Thank you for replying. This is good news! In regard to ordering from Amazon, I read that anything shipped into Panama from another country has a duty tax added to it. Is that true, or does Amazon have a presence in Panama?

Hi there, we have 2 Health Food stores in Boquete, and a Gluten Free Bakery .  Also in David, there is a GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.  You have lots of options here.  There are Amway and Herbal life distributors here also.  You can ship supplements into the country, but they sometimes can get delayed in Customs for a few days.

Thank you Rod. I am indeed learning and it does sound better than I thought. Nice to meet you too.

There are also options for purchasing natural alternative supplements and locally grown and processed organic herbal tinctures and creams. You might check out Cloud Forest Botanicals.

Thank you Elizabeth. Will keep this in mind.

The PriceSmart store in David (Costco affiliate) has a fair number of vitamins and supplements, mostly the same brand as Costco has available. 

Ordering from dBay or Swanson works fine.  If you select the right delivery service, there is almost never a delay in customs.  My service virtually never has any packages opened.  Customs can and does impose a $2 charge on items recognized as vitamins or supplements, based apparently only on feeling  or shaking the package.  Sometimes such packages come through without the $2 charge.

This is great to know Bob. I appreciate your response as I continue to learn. Have a great day!

I have supplements shipped from the U.S. all the time.  There is no duty on them.  Amazon does not have a fulfillment center in Panama, but you can order anything from Amazon using the mail forwarding services.  I use eShop and Mail Boxes, Etc.  They don't seem to have any trouble getting them to us.  There are other mail forwarders.  I have only heard of people having trouble getting them through AirBox, but that is not first-hand information.  There is a new Vitamin Shop in David, near Hosp. Chiriqui.  All of the pharmacies have a variety of supplements. 

Thank you Judy. That is all so good to know. Just couldn't imagine not having access to supplements. Have a lovely day.

Thank you Jackie. That's great news! Have a great day!


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