Follow up - New Legislature to modifiy Immigration Laws was presented by deputies Castillo & Rodriguez

This new legislature is aimed to modify the tourist visas for certain nations, however it may affect border hoppers.

If approved, this law will limit tourist visas to 30 days with a renewal option of 60 days, however, in her effort, Zulay Rodriguez aims to stop the re-entering of foreigners within a few days, or several times within a year.

This is NOT a law aimed to hurt retirees or expats who wish to adhere to the Pensionado Visas, but rather an effort to control those who overstay their visas or wait until the last day of their stay to leave and return a few days later. Also it is aimed at stopping foreigners without work permits to take jobs from nationals.

This law, if approved, will also set alerts immediately so those whose visas expire are sought out and deported immediately. There has been an increased amount of crimes committed by Venezuelans and Colombians and they are the main reason why these two deputies are looking forward to an immigration reform which is backed by a large majority of the population

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The Chamber of Commerce has issued a video calling for an end to attacks on foreigners on social networks. Chamber President José Luis Ford issued a video where he called for citizens to have respect for foreigners who come to Panama and who live in peace and with respect to national laws. "Those who come to Panama generally comply with the law and make this country theirs, because their country of origin did not give them opportunities. Many of them have contributed immensely to the development of Panama," Ford said. He also noted that most Panamanians can trace their lineage to a foreign country. "We come from a melting pot of races. And people do not want to come to a country where there are classes that express hate toward foreigners," he said. He said that Panama seeks to maintain its reputation as being open to the world. "It is important that those who come, who comply with our laws, are greeted with an attitude without arrogance," he said.

Do you have a link to this?

Olga, so have you heard anything new on this legislation?


You are correct, FBI cross referencing is not required but they do random checks.  President Varela has three people in immigration who are trained and authorized to use foreign criminal databases.

I have no idea what their criteria is for a random check.

Well maybe my running a stop sign infraction was not flagged. I'm being a smart ass. Some people think Panama should be open to anyone. Canada and the USA have strict laws.


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