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Top Expat Retirement Community #1: Boquete, Panama

A beautiful day in Boquete, Panama

Boquete, a small town in Panama’s Chiriquí province, sits at 3,600 feet above sea level and so enjoys a more temperate climate than sea-level Panama.

Boquete is known for its cool temperatures, which average 70 degrees year-round, and its big population of foreign retirees. You won’t have to seek them out. Boquete’s 3,000 North American resident retirees and the many restaurants and shops that have been started both by and to cater to them are ever-present. More English is spoken on the streets of Boquete than Spanish.

The big U.S. expat presence is thanks to an American developer who, in 1999, targeted Boquete as the site of the full-amenity gated community specifically intended for American retirees he wanted to build. That forward-thinking entrepreneur set out to recreate, in these Panamanian highlands, small-town life in America in the 1950s, and he seems to have hit his mark.

The mountains, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls of Boquete are beautiful, but the real attraction of the place is how turn-key a foreign retiree’s life can be here. More than 2,000 other foreign retirees have paved the way and are standing by to answer your questions to do with everything from choosing a place to live and setting up utilities to opening a bank account and finding company on a Sunday afternoon.

A retiree’s life in Boquete is convenient, comfortable, and supported by all the infrastructure you’re accustomed to, including an English-speaking chiropractor and a library stocked with English-language books.


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"supported by all the infrastructure you’re accustomed to". Especially true if you are moving to Boquete from the comarca! Including giardia, which I am just getting over.

More English is spoken on the streets than Spanish. NO NO NO. Very few Gringos speak Spanish well enough, let it be fluent. The rest of the article is true and fine.

And over built real estate that sits on the market unsold for years as 1/2 or more return North.

Just wait for the Chinese to start migration here. Property values will skyrocket. They are already investing millions here

Not going to happen for Chiriqui as a residential investment.  If you know them, they like High Rises and direct flights.  Read about how Dictator XI has reigned in the ability of Chinese money to flow for these types of investments and how they have left many out of the money in empty city neighborhoods at home.  They are selling our in major cities like NY, London, SF etc.

Panama will never become Hongcouver.

But dream on, and "he who lives on hope, dies in despair!"  Or keep reading International Living for your truth....

I’d say much of the article is outdated, maybe it took five years from visiting to bringing it to print?

Looks like it is an International Living rewrite. The author was a partner there.


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