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I am completely addicted to the all-you-can-eat rib dinner at the Rock in Boquete. Not only are the ribs great, but it comes with a super terrific salad that is simple and delicious.

The service is another subject in itself. It is the best. I dropped a knife the last time I was there and before I could reach down to pick it up, the waiter was there, picking it up and had another offered to me on a nice plate with a napkin before I could go "wow".

If you haven't tried it you must go. I have been there several times and it's always delicious.

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Big yes to the ribs!!!!!!!!....and the salmon and risotto dish...yum......and the strawberry taco to top it off........

You hit my hungry spot with this.  

yes, but I can never eat enough and they will not provide a (lee) woof woof doggy bag. ;(

I have that all figured out. I just don't eat the entire day prior to going. Works like a charm.

Do you need reservations?

Yes. The ribs are on Thursday and they are usually pretty full

Is it still on Thursday night?


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