My hubby and I would like to hop on a bus early in the morning on a Tuesday to go to the Paso Canoas bus station.  Then we want to take another bus to Golfino, Costa Rica.  But we have never ridden a bus and have no clue what to do!  

1.  Where do we go to get on the bus to David?  

2.  Will we need the bus pass you need when get on the bus at Allbrook or is it just cash?

3.  Can we get a Jubilado Discount?

4.  The web site ""  said a bus leaves Boquete at 5:50 am for David, are those times               pretty much accurate?

5.  How long will it take to go through customs at Frontera to go over to the Costa Rica bus station?  (We              have our E-Cedulas, passports, and only one suitcase each)

Any advise or help you could give us would be appreciative!  We need to catch a ferry at Golfino to get to Puerto Jiminez and the last ferry leaves at 3:30 so we would like to give us plenty of time!


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Just take a cab from Boquete to Paso Canoas US$ 50. at 9 a.m. takes less than 1.1/2 hours. At Paso Canoas you can buy a bus ticket to Golfito.

Going through customs depends how many people in line. However if there are 3 or 5 people in line at goes very fast. Buy your Golfito bus ticket very near the Customs of Panama. Just ask. Then check into Costa Rica a short 5 minutes walk. 

Get the bus to David around the corner by Central Park near the bomberos. Just ask anyone, they will point you right to it. The bus fare is $1.75 to David. The assistant will collect the fare toward the end of the ride. I have no idea if you can get a discount. You do not need a pass like at Albrook. I believe they run about every half hour. Also, you are going to Golfito, not Golfino.


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