It seems that USTV Now has permanently banned me and now I'm suffering 60 Minutes withdrawal. Am thinking of actually popping for a Firestick or other device that will give me live US news. Am looking for suggestions on which device works best. Thanks in advance for any wisdom on the subject.

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We have CNN and FOX on Cable Onda.

I also have CableOnda but want to watch the news shows like 60 minutes on CBS and Dateline on NBC

Can't watch US news??consider yourself fortunate

Can't imagine anyone wanting to... through your browser. These are all live streaming. Fox News, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, Animal Planet, TEnnis Channel, Bravo, Golf, Cartoon Network, History, A&E, and a whole bunch more.  check it out.


I get the video but not the audio on ustv247. My cableonda internet is pretty fast. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Penny,

I know that you have been here many years longer than me. I am glad that some of us who have been around a while struggle with this issue.

We cannot get Cable Onda where we live because there is no “cable” as in no wires are here. Satellite or internet TV is all we can get.

Yep - no idea what happened with USTV Now but no longer available here. 

Painfully (yes it wasn’t fun) we went back to SKY TV - why? Well we already had the Satellite disk just sitting there doing nothing. Then their prices- geez a little capitalism hit), were very inexpensive! 

There are many channels in English now - before there weren’t many. 

It’s my husband that really wanted this, but tonight I was surfing channels like I used to do 10+ years ago - I know we get most of the football games (whatever), but I think we get 60 Minutes

But then while surfing , I only came up with FOX news and CNBC. I might have missed a few but it is much better than it used to be. 

That’s all I have but I will be in contact with Robert who replied here.

Thanks and hope, if nothing else, I feel your frustration.

USTV NOW is banned on Roku, not xboxone  ; ).

I am using USTV247 as recommended here. Excellent. With many channels to watch and no VPN needed. Very little freezing or stalling. I'm a happy camper.

Hi there. To a couple guys in this thread, remember there is no selling of your products and services in the main forum. That is what the classified section is for.

If you're a news junkie, or just want news information from a favorite country, you can check out  Live streaming from news networks from all over the world. 


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