i lost mine. I've been told I have to make a trip to Panama City, something I don't want to do.

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You can ask at Migración in Chiriquí Mall in David.

There they will tell you which documents you will need to carry with you to Migración in Tumba Muerto, Panama City where you want a Duplicado de Carnet, Piso 2.

Thank you Keith. 67 views and only one response. Weird.

I have only a photocopy certified by a notary with me. 

I  had to replace mine. I took my original documents of my Pensionado application. Immigration is wall to wall. people. The good thing is you will go the the jubilado short line.  I suggest you  have a Spanish speaking helper. They will send you from one window to another. Have a big smile even through they will be making you go through their red tape. I had to return for a second day because the guy who signed off on it was not in the first day. 

Is this Immigration in David or Panama City?

Panama City. At the time I was told only Panama City could replace. 

Duplicates of most Panamanian documents and identification cards can simply be ordered at local Electoral Tribunal offices.  The map below identifies the location of the Electoral Tribunal office in Boquete.  I would try them first.

Richard, I believe that since Migracion issued the Carnet, they are the only ones who can duplicate it.

The Tribunal Electoral can only replace documents which they issued, such as Birth Certificates and Cedulas.

As suggested, you can check at the T.E. office here in Boquete, and also at Migracion in David, but I think you’re going to end up on the 2do piso in Tumba Muerto. Good luck.

Another good reason to get an E Cedula as soon as you're eligible.

Another interesting fact about the Cedula, the first one must be applied for at the main office of the Tribunal Electoral in Panama City.  Replacements can easily be ordered from any local Tribunal Electoral office.

I wonder if a local Tribunal Electoral office can order a replacement Friendly Nations visa id card or does one have to return to Panama City like they do for the Pensionado visa?

If you have an E-Cedula, I don't know why you would ever need to show your permanent residency visa card to anyone again.  I no longer carry it in my wallet for fear of losing it, but the only possible reason I can think of is that it might be useful in replacing a lost E-Cedula.


That's an interesting point.  However, your permanent residency visa is the reason you're here so I'm guessing there are some instances where you're required to provide it.  The cedula is only an id card.

One instance is that you're applying for a work permit, people possessing pensionado visas aren't issued work permits.  Another one might be that you're here as a dependent on a spouse's pensionado visa and you apply for say a marriage license.  You'll probably be denied if not deported unless you're somehow able to show the dependency no longer exists through divorce or death.

I've heard about dependent spouses having to re-apply for residency after death or divorce.  One friend was here by marriage to a Panamanian, divorced them and a couple of years later got detained and was to be deported unless he did a border hop and paid the back overstay tourist visa fines.  They jailed him and gave him 48 hours to come up with the necessary $2,000 or get sent back to his home country.  Apparently in his case they converted him back to tourist status after his divorce without notice.  The way he tells it's pretty funny, at a routine stop requiring his cedula the officer responded "Get in back of the truck."  He was floored!

Good questions.


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