If you are thinking of getting or have had root canal work, this is important health info!

97% of terminally ill cancer patients had had root canal work...Before you get this done, do read this new research info.

I have had TWO root canals done here in Panama and one before I got here and I wished I had been given some alternatives. I intend to print this article out and give it to both of the dentists I have worked with here for their consideration.


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Honestly Abby, I have no idea where you got that I said anyone is the 'Worlds Best Dentist'. If I had said that, it would be crazy stuff. I did not.

As to your root canal, I am glad it looks fine. The study I am referring to and posting took DNA samples, which of course you can't see, from root canal teeth that looked fine, and tested them for toxins.

Withiout exception, every one of them contained a minimum of twelve deadly bacterium, and some had closer to fifty.

And please, don't shoot the messenger.I would think you would be at least open to hearing about data that is soon to be released that could affect your health, yes?

YES, BUT THE DR. IS TOUTING HIMSELF AS THE WORLDS BEST DENTIST.  Have they done a control study on decayed teeth, virgin teeth?  Of course, there are both successful and non-successful RCT. Take a look at gum disease, it kills millions every year.  What are the variables?  John, please read the first study and the "rabbit" test, that rabbit smells more than a little fishy to me....  Of course, I always like to be informed about new information coming from tested sources, regarding my health, as well we all should.


yes, the rabbit test smells fishy.

But that was all they had at the time. That's why the DNA study to see what was actually going on; what microbes could have possibly (or not possibly) have caused the reaction.

So I agree that healthy skeptisism is definitely warranted with Weston Price's studies.

Thanks for that John. I am trying to gather as much info as possible..informed decisions etc..and it really is quite hard to get up to the minute, reliable info. As for the traditional sources, I am very skeptical..weren't they part of the chorus that said smoking was fine for you too?

Zapodora, If RCT were dangerous to patients, I think most endontists would just go back to doing general dentistry.  The become dentists first....  Apples and apples please... tobbacco and teeth...don't think so.


Just FYI.

Dr. George Meinig, one of the original founders of the Endodontic association for the ADA, and honored by the ADA for fifty years of service, did go back to general denistry and refused to do another root canal after studying the Price studies and conducting his own research.

And I agree, the tobacco analogy is a bit much, although the ADA is a trade origanization, the exact same as the Americamn Tobacco Association, with the same legal standing.

John, A president of the Orthodontist association, had the worst ortho result I had even seen, one case after another, not just a tough case. He was honored as well, of course. Politics?  Peter Principle?  Perhaps a good salesman.  Yep, the ADA needs good salespeople for sure.

I have seen ex-rays of terrible endodontic resultsl  Remember John, someone has to graduate last in their class.  There are also some who are very book smart, but hands-on skills are lacking.

Don't feel any strong urge to be the defender of Root Canal Therapy.  But a gravy train running on limited information should be put under a microscope.

Judy, I like your comments, they make good sense.

So John, Time to show your hand.... What is your frame of reference?


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