I have bought several, but they're all junk, including the one I recently got at Novey. Used it a couple of times and it broke. 

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No, it's not possible. Suck it up and order one from the U.S. or Canada. Ending the frustration is well worth the shipping cost.

exactly. I believe there is a dark and sinister conspiracy to keep good can openers from entering this land.

I suspect that some good ones are available, though it may take some time for looking.  El Poderoso in El Centro in David has a pretty good selection of kitchen items.

Good US-made electric can openers are available.  We have an Oster that was bought here for around $25.

One-Touch opener ..works every time


well, I thought it was purchased locally but unfortunately, it came from someone's mother in New York.

I finally ordered an old Sunbeam Vista like my mom used to use back in the early sixties, (last forever) from ebay.20180212_091001.jpg

Holy crap, it's huge.  I could start my car with that!

Thats right, these can openers were heavy too. The sunbeam vista will definitely last longer then your car will too. 

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My mother gave me her Sunbeam Vista can opener from the early 1960s when I started college. It's nearly 60 years old now, and it still works perfectly. 

Doug i grew up with one and the Sunbeam Vista is the Cadillac of openers, bulletproof.

How much does this thing weigh.


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