I have bought several, but they're all junk, including the one I recently got at Novey. Used it a couple of times and it broke. 

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Not as much as a 1965 Oldsmobile, but close.

I weighed mine it is around 3 pounds and 10 ounces. 

You can pick one of this up at the Tuesday Market.  On Sale now.  2 available.


Uh oh, I am  now going to sound or be cynical! 

Most every store has the same source and I have no clue who that is BUT what comes here?

Are “Made in China” lack of “quality control” seconds only!

One of my least favorite stores that I won’t mention because it’s irrelevant other than they are good at making you pay more for the same junk everywhere.

Just a silly plastic item and I explained that I could buy 3 of these for what you want for one.

I was told they had a better quality product -

Gee - talking in Spanish while listeniing to people who think we are that naive? 

Perhaps paying more to not make yet another stop but I really didn’t need their plastic from the same source that will end up in a landfill anyway.

Sorry but yes ]. Just a bit cynical tonight :)

Hey Richard,

I have a best quality Hamilton Beach electric can opener from the USA that is lightly used which should give you many years of service. It sits on the kitchen counter here unused as my wife is not all all into canned stuff  .... Good for my health :<) maybe you can put it to use. If interested give me a call whatsapp 66834777. Will be in Boquete on Monday late morning for a veggie run if you would like to take a look.


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