where can i buy it for my dishwasher?

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Super Baru in David has Finish.

It is very expensive here in Panama - just use white vinegar in the dispenser for JetDry!

Yes, it is very expensive.  I had not thought to try white vinegar.  Thanks, Sheila for the idea.  

thanks Sheila I will try that!

Stupid question I know, but where in Super Baru did you find it ?  I was in the other day looking for it. In the wrong place I am guessing. Also where can you find the dish washer packets ? I can find the liquid soap for dishwashers, but not the packets. My kids would be grateful !!! They brought me some from Canada last month ( :

In the David store, the jet dry and the cascade pacs are in the soap aisle.  Both are very expensive but I use them both.  Pricesmart carries the cascade pac from time to time.  Right now they have the liquid dish soap

Thanks. I will be looking much harder next time .  ( :


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