Has anyone had or heard of issues with leaving a car at David airport for a month or 6 weeks while traveling to US?



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Most people I know who travel for that amount of time leave their car at home and either take a taxi to the airport or have a friend take and pick them up when you return.  I think it would be a really bad idea to leave your car in an unprotected for that amount of time.

I know a few people that have done it with no repercussions since there are guards there all the time. Just wondering if there is contrary recent experiences.

Your battery might go dead.

Sara, imo the Airport is probably the safest place you could find to park a car in David. The area is secure 24/7 and the Policia Nacional have their K9 facility there.

It’s a good idea to resist the temptation of parking under a tree to avoid fruit and bird residue, though.

The attendants at the Auto Rentals all have booster kits if a car battery is dead after a long absence.

thanks Keith! I should have known to just ask you first!

I wish I had known about the auto rental companies have booster kits when I returned to a dead battery after a two-week trip.

I agree that it is safe to park at the airport for an extended period of time. I question, however, whether it is courteous or even smart to occupy valuable space for so long. I predict that they will start charging at some point to discourage long-term parking, whereupon we all will have lost.

This is off topic but might be helpful. My friend made a trip to the US, He purchased some DampRid to control mold in the enclosed car. It is a hang up,fold out bag.  The top bag had the chemicals which remove the moisture from the air. The bottom bag held the water. He purchased it at Price Smart. A box of 4 bags for $10. You might find someone who will buy the extra bags you don't need. Here is DampRid's website.


thanks. we actually have one in our closet so I'll take it along.

You can leave your car at home where its safe. Lots of people call Ross to use his service. call 68380894 to reserve.

One can call it Penny wise Pound foolish. Why take the risk?

There are only so many parking places at the airport.  When someone does this, it makes it harder on everyone who uses the airport who wishes to pick up their loved ones.  Your car is much safer at home and folks may believe you are still in town.  I go to the airport to pick some up at 4 pm because if I get there at 530pm arrival there are no places to park. 

I don't travel much, but I've been there several times when the spaces behind the car rental agencies were full, the main lot was full, and cars were parked in the mud behind the paved lot.


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